Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day of 3rd Grade!!

Hard to believe that we have a 3rd grader.  Feels like not long ago we were getting ready for kindergarten.  

Dane was ready for the school to start, sad to see summer go but he loves school and was ready! He had a great first day.  He was thrilled that in 3rd grade there is no community supplies.  Every student gets their own supplies, except for tissues and hand sanitizer.  And he was so excited that his teacher told his class that in 3rd grade you are more responsible so you are able to keep pens and highlighters in your backpack.  HAHA It's the small things folks.  

I normally bake a special treat or something like that, but I forgot so ran by the store before he got home and bought ice cream sandwiches that I normally wouldn't buy.  He was beyond excited for them.  He doesn't need much to be happy! Good bribing tool though to get all the details of the day out of him.  

3rd Grade rocks!

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