Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Little Bit Of July

Is it just me or does everyone feel like the summer flew by?!?!  I just can't believe how fast the summer went and that it's already August!! It's been a good summer besides the torturous heat that we have had.  Whew! We have just over 2 weeks left before school starts back.  Part of me is sad that summer is over, I've enjoyed having no schedules and nothing that we have to do.  The other part of me is ready to get back into some sort of routine and welcome fall.  

Ahh, summer days... They don't last forever.  

Here's the last little bit of July, before we left to go on our road trip.  

Snapchat filters are so fun!! Jace loves the puppy dog one... imagine that.  He loves that when he sticks his tongue out the big dog tongue comes out.  Too bad it takes too long to upload a video on here.  

We ventured out to go bowling on a Saturday, only to find that it was a league day and all the lanes were booked solid the entire day.  Boooo! We were disappointed, so needed a plan B since everyone was excited for some fun.  We ended up at Bounce Bounce, a new trampoline park.  The boys LOVED it!! All these cell phone pictures are a tad blurry, because they were seriously in constant motion from the time that we got there till they were buckled in their seats in the car.  They bounced their hearts out, jumped in the ball pits, ran around and jumped off things.  Dane rode bumper cars and did a little zip line.  They had so much fun! 

Jace did not like when Dane got in this bubble.  For some reason it freaked him out and he started crying for DAAA OUT.  He cried the entire time Dane was in it.  Weirdest thing.  

Little Nudist running around our house.  Jace will not keep his diaper on.

 Neon Skate Night after Impact Camp was over.  Fun times!

One more day at the water park.  I'm not sure if we will get a chance to go back before school starts or not.  With Kevin back at work, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with taking both boys by myself.  So, we'll see.  It was fun though going several times this summer.

You know you are in Orange when...
you get this little cup full of ice cream.  My grandmother used to do the same thing, you could never go to her house without her filling up a kid cup of ice cream for you.  My mom has started taking on that role!

We swam for several hours, and then Jace climbed up into my lap and fell asleep within seconds.  This doesn't happen too often!
 Then the next morning he slept till 9:45.  That is the first time in his life to sleep that late.  It was the craziest thing, because he is a very early riser.  Like usually by 6:30! I kept going in and checking on him, and he was just fine and OUT!!

We met up with my cousin and her kids at a playground so the kids could play together.  Love this crew!

 A Stare Off between Jack and Jace!! Little buddies!

He is so rotten.  He wants you to push him in this truck or chase him all day long!

Up next... lots of pictures from our road trip! 

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