Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last little Bit of Summer Fun

We got home from our road trip and didn't do too much for several days.  Kevin had just a couple days left of his summer break before he had to head back into work on the following Monday, but was pretty busy with his college classes that he teaches.  Dane spent the following week in Orange with his Granny and Poppy.  He swam every day he was there, and got to have a week of relaxing with them.  He had a great time being there.  It was a quiet week for Jace and I with Kevin back at work and Dane in Orange.  We didn't do a whole lot but watch the Olympics and get the house organized and ready for school to start back.  I loathe August.  It's just too hot to really do much, quite a miserable month for me.  Once Dane was back home we squeezed in a lit bit of last minute summer fun before having meet the teacher and school starting.  

Kevin finished up with the playground that he built.  Can't wait for it to cool down a bit, so we can go outside and enjoy it.  The sun shines super bright in our backyard most of the day, and there is no shade so it's super hot! Right now we have been waiting till around 7:00 in the evening to go out to let Jace play for a little bit.  He loves it though! 
 Little man loves to build with his duplo blocks, and stack them as high as he can get it.  

My Olympic buddy... I was pretty obsessed with watching the Olympics.  I watched as much as I could every day.  I love the gymnastics, swimming, diving, and even got really into watching the women's volleyball teams and duo.  I watched it all!! 
 Cars and trains are his favorite thing!! He lines them up like this and one behind the other all day long.  
 Dane is like a teenager trapped in an 8 year old body.  :)  This is him on our way to meet Granny so he could spend the week with her.  

We got to our meeting point a lot quicker than Granny did, so we grabbed some lunch and I took this one out of his seat to hang out while we waited.  

 Mismatched day!! HAHA I'm assuming either Kevin picked out his clothes, or he let Jace pick them out with that combo.  And Jace chose his favorite sock.  

A A friend from high school was making these headbands and selling them to raise money for her newborn nephew's medical bills who was in critical condition.  I bought one and Jace wanted to wear it the first few days I had it! Hilarious

 Jace and went to Orange on Saturday to pick up Dane.  We stayed through the weekend before heading back.  I accidentally forgot to bring his playpen so he ended up sleeping with me which was fun.  He wanted Sadie to play with him constantly.  Sadie just wanted to sleep in the bed with us.  He slept horizontal the entire night, taking up a ton of room in the king size bed.  

 My sweet little cuddle bug.  

 Bubbles with brother

 Dane has no filter, like not in the slightest bit.  He says everything that is on his mind.  Took him to get a haircut and within 5 minutes blurted out how awful it smelt in the salon.  It smelt like hair chemicals, which I had to explain why women would want to put that stuff in their hair.  Then while the lady was using the clippers he exclaimed that she was digging it into his skull.  Mind you nothing Dane says is quiet.  Then the comment that made me want the floor to open up and swallow me was "Mom, I don't think this lady speaks English".  Sweet Mercy.  Good Times with my main man Dane.  

 Jace needed a nap mat for Mother's Day out, so we tested it our when it arrived.  As you can see he thought it was super comfy and loved it! 

We met the Aiken's at Peter Pipper Pizza for lunch and let the kid's have some fun before summer ended.  Dane and Sara were in the same class for 2nd grade, which helped jump start a friendship between Allyson and I.  Logan and Jace will be in the same grade at Ault as well in a few years.  

Last treat of the summer- SUB ZERO!! We had never been,but heard that it was a fun place to get fresh ice cream and yogurt.  A bit of a drive for us, but it was so worth it!! Super cool place.  Pun intended.  HA! So many unique flavors to pick from, and then it's made with liquid nitrogen.  Dane loved it!!!! He got a dr pepper flavored ice cream with random toppings in it.  I stuck with what I know and did mint chocolate.  I can't remember what Kevin got now, but it was something unique.  Fun place!! Great way to end the summer break!!

 Just a few cute pics from a quick shopping trip at the outlet mall. Jace thought he was so big.  

 And one last trip to the water park.  We actually did this the Saturday after school started.  No crowd at all so we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  It was a great summer getting to use our passes so many times!! We all enjoyed going and swimming and taking advantage of the lazy river etc.  Unfortunately, the early bird prices for next summer are $20 more expensive per pass than what I paid last year so I had to say no thank you.  Annoying that the prices went up after only one season being opened.  

And just like summer was over.  Time for everyone to get back into the yearly routine! 

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