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#wittschensdotx #thesequel #wittschensbetrippin Day 1

Saturday morning rolled around and we packed up everything but the kitchen sink for our 2nd Texas road trip.  A lot of thought and planning went into our stops, and some plans were changed as we went along.   Originally when I was planning our trip I had planned for us to spend the first day in Fredericksburg.  But, as time got closer and the more research I did I had serious doubts that it would be a good stop with kids.  I've never been to Fredericksburg, and everything I hear about it is great... for adults.  I know that Kevin and I would love to walk around and hit up wineries and look around at all the shops.  But, as I was looking for things to do with kids I only came up with a handful of kid friendly shops, so I started doubting rather or not we should make the drive there.  The whole purpose of the trip is for it to be a fun family trip.  So, Kevin and I decided that even though we went to Austin last year that we could go back and find other things to do that we hadn't done before.  

Before we headed to Austin we made our first stop in College Station to visit the George Bush Presidential Museum.  Kevin has been wanting to check it out for a while now, and Dane has recently gotten interested in learning about former presidents.  2nd grade really sparked an interest in history for him, so we thought he might like the museum.  Dane enjoyed seeing what the oval office and other rooms in the White House looks like. There was a lot of interesting things to look at.  

I'm not sure what this video game car had to do with President George Bush, but it was in the main lobby and of course they had to play on it.  

Part of the museum was exhibits that explained and shaped different parts of President Bush's life and things that impacted his presidency.  There were pictures and things from his childhood, his time in the military, family life etc.  There was also an exhibit about Barbara Bush, and her literacy programs which was interesting.  

Jace is buckled in his stroller, but he doesn't let him stop him from "getting out".  He only lasted about 5 minutes in the stoller before he was demanding to get out.  

Guess what Jace found in the museum... yep a puppy dog!! The museum had stuffed puppies dogs that looked like Pres. Bush's family dog in different areas.  There was a questioner game that we didn't do, but these dogs played a part to finding the answers to the game.  But, of course Jace found a puppy.  He was not happy though that the dogs were on a short short leash, and stuck to the houses.  

There was a replica of what the White House looks like from the outside and at the windows there were "security cameras" that you could move around and see different rooms at the white house. Dane liked playing with that and looking at all the rooms.  He kept waiting for people to walk around in the rooms so he could spy on them.  :)

And the next future president of the United States of America is 
Dane Wittschen.  
He runs on a platform of free ice cream for all, longer recess, and no limits of electronics! 

Just having a little chat with President Bush himself.  

And Vice President is Jace Wittschen
he runs on the platform of never stop moving constant crazy motion 

Berlin Wall

Dane and Jace having an important meeting in the crisis room

At the end Dane got to print out a letter from President Bush.  ;) He looked at the date and said oh wow, it's today!! He wrote me a letter today!! 

Then it was off to Austin. Little man snoozed on the way there. 

We were looking for a parking spot when we spotted this wall.  Jace wanted nothing to do with standing next to it.  Then he started throwing a fit and sat right in front of it.  We cracked up since it was just ironic that he was throwing a fit in front of the smile sign.  

We tried to get Dane to look pouty too but he couldn't stop giggling while pretending.  HA!

Willie For President! 
Street Art is a favorite of mine in Austin!

We loaded up with candy from the Big Top Candy Shop on Congress Ave.  We needed some treats for the road! Dane filled up a bag with all sorts of things, I did a bag of gummy worms and bears, and Kevin's was a hodge podge as well.  Jace had no idea what everything was, but he loved having lots of little things to touch and grab and hold.  He was into everything Mr Meddler.  Fun stop! Normally when we are in stores I feel like I'm constantly saying no you can't get candy or no I'm not buying that, so Dane was in hog heaven when we said get a bag and pick out what you want.  

Next up was the State Capitol.
Yes, a total tourist stop.  
But, a free stop in the AC...

We walked around and looked at all the floors, the room that senate meets etc.  This was by far the hardest and most challenging stop we experienced on the trip with Jace if I'm being honest.  He was a mess here, an absolute mess.  He would scream in the stroller, but run away from you if you let him walk.  Didn't want to be carried, wanted to walk up all the hundreds of steps himself etc etc.  He was just being a toot to put it nicely, and it was a lot of work.  He had Kevin and I both frazzled.  Terrible Twos is a hard phase to be in. Just Saying. So anyway we saw the capitol, but I think Kevin and I would agree that this wasn't a fun stop.  

Dane wanted to go up to the top, so we all rode up the elevator and got out and I had a moment of pure panic.  It doesn't look like it in the picture but the slots between the rail guards aren't as skinny as it looks.  The holes were actually perfect size for Jace to push himself through.  Jace was wanting Kevin to put him down, and I just couldn't breathe.  I was terrified with him up that high, with him wanting to run around.  Whew.  So, Kevin took him back down immediately and Dane and I stayed to look around the top floor.  See... the capitol wasn't a great experience for us.  Now, Dane on the other hand was oblivious to what was happening and had a great time, as usual.  

Can you find Waldo down there??

Jace settled down after that.  We had packed lunches for the first day, so sat out in the shade to eat before heading to our next place. 
VooDoo Doughnuts!!

It's a super fun doughnut shop that has all kinds of crazy type doughnuts that you wouldn't typically see at a normal shop.  We had a hard time picking which doughnut to get.  The doughnuts were huge, and covered in all sorts of sugar! Fun road trip stop!

There was a chalkboard on the bathrooms, so I wrote our hastag to be silly. 

Here was our choices! I chose the oreo cream one, Dane chose the bubblegum one and Kevin picked the fruity pebbles doughnut.  

Jace had a little of mine, he mainly ate the cookies as he is not a huge doughnut fan.  I know crazy.  What kid doesn't like doughnuts?!?! 
They were supper yummy and sweet, none of us were able to finish off the whole thing.  

Next up was Union Underground for some black light bowling.  I added this in last minute after our bowling day got canceled a few days back.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  They played great music, and we just had a lot of fun bowling.  Jace had lots of room to run around since there wasn't many people playing.  

We stopped at one more mural before grabbing dinner.  I loved  this mural, it was so neat, so lots of fun pictures were taken.

No idea what Dane was doing, but just being super silly!

Dane spotted this guy and was laughing.  
He said "WHAT?!?!? There's a naked man on there!!!!"
Yep.  Keep Austin weird.  
Later on I was told that man is suppose to be Matthew McConaughey, when he was caught naked with the bongo drums.  HAHAHA Hilarious. 

For Dinner we went to the Barton Springs Picnic and got food from the Mighty Cone food truck.  Yummy!!! 

Everyone was tired and ready to get to the hotel.  I had thought maybe we would swim at the Barton Springs, but at that point we were all too tired so just called it a day.  We got all cleaned up and just relaxed and watched tv in the room until it was time to go to sleep.  

Day 1 was a great day despite our tantrum monster at the capitol.  We all had lots of fun!! 

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