Sunday, August 7, 2016

#wittschensdotx #thesequel #wittschensbetrippin Day 3

After grabbing some breakfast we spent some time at the beach where our hotel was located.  Fun fun.  It was a hot hot day, so we lathered up multiple times.  These pictures were all in the very beginning of our fun, I spent a few minutes taking pictures then threw my phone in my bag so I didn't have to worry about the sand.  Jace never would go too deep in the water.  He would walk out and then a wave would hit him, and he would act offended and get out of the water.  HAHA  He really didn't know what to think.  But, he did play in the sand, he's finally gotten used to it to a certain extinct.  If his hands got too dirty he would want you to clean them.  

Jace was all happy until he wasn't.  HA!!
He hit a wall and was just done!! So, I took him back to the hotel and Kevin and Dane stayed and played at the beach for a couple more hours.  

Jace and I rinsed off and then I thought maybe he would want to go swimming instead, but as you can see he was over it all!! So, we went into the room and got cleaned up, shut the curtains, turned the AC down and Jace got a power nap while Dane and Kevin were at the beach.  

Later that afternoon we ventured over to the Texas State Aquarium.  We walked around and looked at all the exhibits.  Our favorite part was the dolphin show that we watched.  It was like a mini Sea World show.  Fun times at the aquarium! And a bonus perk that we got in for half admission with our zoo membership! I was excited about that! 

How cute is this picture?? 

Jace "hiding" in the gift shop.  

Granny sent the kids souvenir money to spend on our trip, so Dane was super pumped to buy a "real" shark tooth.  He claimed that he had been wanting one his entire life, and that there are kids at his school that wears them.  ;) 

Jace got this cute cup with a twisty straw as his souvenir because he likes when he is in restaurants and we get him a kid cup with a straw.  Practical :)

Being a tourist in Corpus.  

Later on that evening after dinner we went to Rocket Fizz for a soda treat.  There is one in Katy that I have been wanting to check out but never made it over that way.  Then I saw Corpus was their newest location, so we killed two birds with one stone.  Super fun store, it had so many different types of flavors to buy.  Kevin and I picked one and we let Dane pick 2 flavors, so he could save one for later.  Neat place to stop!

I picked the MacFuddy, I was told it was the closest to Dr Pepper.  It didn't taste like DP at all, but it had a very unique good taste! I liked it.  Kevin got the chocolate one and hated it, so he shared the cream soda with Dane.  

Then it was back to the hotel for our evening routine.  Dane and I went swimming for a little bit, and then it was showers for everyone and then relax till bed time.    

We were a tired bunch that night.  A combination of the hot sun, playing at the beach, chasing a 2 year old, did I mention the hot sun all made for some really exhausted Wittschens.  Lots of fun was had though and a ton of memories were made! 

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