Monday, August 8, 2016

#wittschensdotx #thesequel #wittschensbetrippin Day 4

Day 4 started off super early.  
5:30 to be exact with Jace standing up in his play pen yelling for MA, DAD, MA MA MA, DAD DAD.  No little dude.  It's way too early for all that.  So, I turned the tv on pbs on super low and he watched it from his "cage" while we all slept a little longer.  He stood like this the entire time!! 

We were feeling a bit lazy so we relaxed for a couple hours.  Kevin left and found some breakfast tacos from Laredo Tacos and we spent the early morning taking it easy.  I should mention that the morning before we got breakfast from the ORIGINAL WHATABURGER!! But, no pictures were taken so I guess it can't be proven.  HA!
Originally our trip was going to be 4 nights and 5 days.  We had plans to visit Mustang Island and a few other things in the Corpus/ Port Aransas area, but when we woke up on Day 4 we were just feeling tired.  Traveling with a toddler is hard work, and all being in 1 hotel room means we didn't sleep as well as we do at home.  So, we kind of went back and forth about canceling our room for that night and
shortening our trip.  But, we both agreed that it had been a fun time and once Jace is a bit older we can take longer trips and maybe branch out of Texas! It had been a packed trip of fun so we didn't feel cheated or anything. 

The stop that Dane was looking forward to the most was the USS Lexington museum.  Kevin had told him a little bit about it before we had arrived.  Jace and I stayed behind at the hotel when they ventured off.  I had seen on the online reviews to allow 3+ hours to see everything, so the thought of having to chase Jace for that long on a big WWII air craft carrier was not my idea of a good time.  Plus I wanted Kevin and Dane to really be able to look at everything, and not feel rushed.  Dane had an absolute blast!! They got to watch 3D Movies, ride in a flight simulator, and sit in an actual WWII plane among many other things.  Dane was amazed at how big the ship was, he loved getting to sit in the captain's chair and getting to see all the planes that fit on the flight deck.  It was right up Dane's alley!

Jace and I went swimming to burn some energy.  Jace was in a great mood and was so excited to float around.  Little cutie!! We swam and swam until he started rubbing his little eyes.  Then we went back to the room to take a little nap.  I love that hotels have those thick curtains that can make a room pitch black.  Turn down the AC and turn on the sound machine and you got a good setting for a little nap! 

Once Kevin and Dane got back we packed up and decided to hit the road! 

Our last stop of our trip was in El Campo at the Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse.  It was a convenient store with a meat market where you could sit down and eat BBQ.  It was filled with all kinds of treats, and country goods, a variety of beef jerky, bacon, cheeses, etc etc.  It smelt amazing!! We enjoyed some BBQ, Kevin got several types of jerky and some bacon to bring home, and we got some drinks and snacks for the last leg of the trip home.  I loved the small town feel to this place!

And that's a wrap!!! Our 2nd Texas road trip was a huge success! A great last hurrah for the summer!

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