Saturday, August 6, 2016

#wittschensdotx #thesequel #wittschensbetrippin Day 2

We had reservations and plans for Day 2 to go to Hamilton Pool Natural Reserve in Dripping Springs.    Hamilton Pool is a natural swimming hole oasis that has a 45 foot waterfall.  The pictures and reviews looked like it was amazing.  But, the day before we left to go on our trip I received an email that the bacteria levels in the water were too high, so swimming wasn't allowed at this time.  The email stated that we could still come and pay the entrance fee and walk around, but getting in the water was prohibited.  We were so disappointed as we had been looking forward to experiencing this gem for a while now.  We didn't think it would be much fun to just go see it and not get to swim, so I started frantically trying to come up with an alternative stop.  

We ended up at Krause Springs in Spicewood, which is about 30 minutes outside Austin.  I can't compare it to Hamilton Pool, but I think this place ended up being just fine.  It was a really pretty campground with a natural swimming hole with tall trees everywhere in the hill country.  The wet rocks were a bit slippery which we found out the hard way.  Ouch.  The water was super duper cool, but refreshing on the hot summer day.  There was also a spring fed pool that was pretty awesome also. Although, the water in the pool was 10 times colder than the main part.  I'm talking it would stop your heart for a good minute from shock kind of cold.  It took me a minute to get up the courage to jump in.  Whew! So cold!! Dane loved it all.  He loved the swimming hole, floating and jumping off the rocks and using the rope swing.  He also loved the pool a lot also.  Jace swam in the big spring, but the pool was way too cold for him so he wanted nothing to do with it.  

Krause Springs also had a butterfly garden that was so beautiful and peaceful.  There were wind chimes hanging all over the place in trees, gorgeous flowers and plants, and butterflies everywhere.  We saw so many while walking around.  There was also water fountains throughout, so the sounds were incredible. I wished I had a hammock to just lay and listen to the wind chimes and water flowing. There were so many trees that it didn't feel hot at all.  Pure serenity bliss.  If you look close in some of my flower pictures you can see butterflies on top.  

Look what Jace found... I'm telling you he has a radar for puppies.  We came around the corner to him pointing and saying dog dog.  Crazy. 

We drove to the Dripping Springs area and stopped at a super cool rustic gem.  Jester King Brewery and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza are next to each other where people enjoy their beer tastings and their pizza while taking in the cool scenery.  There were beer tasting stations inside and outside offering a large variety of options. Kevin did a few tastings while we sat in the shade waiting on our fire stoned cooked pizza. The pizza was super yummy. With all the trees it was really shaded and not hot at all, and we even had a great breeze.  Good music helped create a fun atmosphere.  Fortunately for me they even offered wine.  The boys enjoyed running around so we hung out for a good long time. 

Before leaving Dripping Springs we made one more stop at Crepe Crazy for a dessert.  We ordered 2 crepes for us to all share.  I only got a picture of one, but they were both pretty tasty.  One was a brown sugar and cinnamon crepe with caramel drizzled on top.  And the second was like a big smore with graham crackers and marshmallows crushed inside and chocolate topping.  That was my first crepe experience, and I'd say it was a success!
Look at this goodness!! I wish I had gotten a picture of the other one before it started getting devoured because it looked just as good, but Kevin was too quick to pick it up an take it outside to our table and then I forgot.  Ha

We sat outside under a big red canopy, so their faces have a weird tint on them.  

Back on the road.  Next up was Natural Bride Wildlife Ranch in New Braunfels. We drove through the safari and looked at all the animals.  We did this several years ago when Dane was 1, but obviously he doesn't remember that excursion.  The animals were more tamed this time, and only a couple came up to our car.  The boys had a fun time.  Jace loved getting to ride in the front seat with me.  He kept laughing and thinking he was big stuff.  After we spent some time driving through, we stopped at the gift shop to let Dane look around and stretch our legs before heading to Corpus.  

We arrived in Corpus and Dane wanted to go swimming so Kevin took him for a little while.  Jace and I hung back in the room, got all cleaned up and relaxed while the others were away.  Jace watched a little netflix on Kevin's phone which seemed to keep him content.  

Another fun full day in the books!! 

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