Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Day of Mother's Day Out 2's

Jace's school didn't start for another week and a half after Dane went back, so we had a little time to hang out before the big day.  

I was a tad nervous how the drop off would go, because he can be a bit clingy and cry when being dropped off at church.  He looked so big standing outside posing for pics at our house and once we got to the church.  I double checked that we had everything packed for his first day.  He requires way more than Dane does for his first day.  Backpack with 4 diapers labeled with his name, extra clothes and shoes all labeled, his folder that was given to us by his teacher, 2 sippie cups filled with drinks, a packed lunch, a sleep mat labeled with his name, and a lovie for nap time.  Check Check check and Check.  

We walked in to the building and he was just fine, not sure he really knew what was happening.  After I got all of his things in the designated spots I gave him a hug and kiss and he just walked in and started playing with toys.  He looked so big! I think he would have been fine, but I lingered too long. Then he realized that I was about to leave and he started to cry. But, his sweet teacher scooped him up and he stopped crying pretty quick.  I hurried and left and pretty much stared at the clock the rest of the day.  
I had no idea if he would actually sleep on the floor on his nap mat or not.  His teachers assured me that he would, because they make the room super dark and are playing soft music.  Sure enough when I went to pick him up he was out cold all cuddled up in his blanket.  He had a great first day! 

See he was totally fine, I shouldn't have lingered because then I made him sad.  First Day mom jitters

After we got home I was putting his stuff away and he saw me take his dog out of his rolled up nap mat.  He was so excited to see "Dog".  Hi Dog as he would hold it up and look at his face and then give it a big hug.  Melts me.  

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