Sunday, September 11, 2016

I can see clearly now...

This horse gets us everytime we visit Kroger.  Jace absolutely loves riding it.  I use it for bribery while I'm shopping.  It takes pennies and Kroger has a little bowl of pennies that can be used.  How cool is that?? 
 And... I'm not sure why we aren't wearing shoes.  Some days they don't stay on his feet no matter how hard I try.  

Ready for his 2nd day at Mother's Day out!! He wanted another picture before heading out.  
 My little man walking in.  His lttle face kills me.  2nd day there was no real tears.  A little whimper when we first walked into the building, but then he walked right into his classroom like a big boy.  

 I got back to pick him up and he was standing holding his nap mat waiting.  Poor thing had been woken up from his nap and was half asleep.  

Dane got off the bus and was super excited that he was going to get a 3 day weekend for Labor Day! 

The time had finally come... Jace's glasses had been ordered and picked up.  Getting a two year old to wear glasses is no easy task, and I was stressed to the max about it.  The first couple weeks were the hardest.  We bought Dane a pair of $1 fake glasses to wear around the house to help encourage Jace to wear his.  We used a lot of treats and movies for bribery.  As long as he was wearing the glasses the movie would be on and he would get popcorn or cookies etc.  But, if he took them off we would pause the movie and take his treats away.  We had great moments and then moments that he would rip them off the second we put them on.  Some days were great, others would bring me to tears from frustration.  But, overall he did better than I was expecting with getting used to them.  The Doctor appointments and getting him fitted for glasses were absolutely awful, so I didn't think that he would wear them at all.  Dane helped a ton to encouage him.  
Here is an overload of pictures with him wearing his glasses because they were too cute not to add on here.  

There would be times that I was thinking he was doing great and then walk to a different room and come back to him like this.  HAHA  I can laugh about it now.  Some times I would turn the corner and the glasses would be thrown across the room with lenses popped out.  He gave me a run for my money, that is for sure.  

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