Friday, September 16, 2016

Sept Shenanigans

Miscellaneous pictures ... mainly of Jace with a splash of Dane in there.  
I'm with Jace all of most days, and he doesn't groan and complain yet when I take his picture like Dane does.  ;)  So, now a days it's hard to get pictures of D.  

Jace is loving mother's day out.  He is a creature of habit and loves routine so our mornings are always the same when it's a school day.  He knows if he sees his lunch kit, nap mat and backpack on the counter it's a school day and he will run to get his shoes.  Then once we step into the garage he runs to the porch and will say EEEESSSSSEEE for cheese.  So, I continue to take a picture of him each morning.  
Once he got comfortable enough with the glasses I would bring them on school days.  

I treated myself one day after dropping him off and got a pedicure and a mimosa.  Glorious!

Sweet boy with his "dogs"

Another school day...

We celebrated our friend Zach's big birthday.  I managed to get one picture of Dane and Zach and 10000 of Jace at the party.  The big kids couldn't be bothered with pictures.  Jace was all about the cookie cake icing.  He kept asking Mrs Christy for more, and would only eat the icing blobs and not the cake. 

Driving on I10 on 9/11 and I passed under 3 overpasses in a row that had service workers on them with flags and waving to the cars.  Pretty cool.  

Outdoor fun

And of Course, a few more rides on our horse

My sweet Pappy passed away.  Bittersweet really.  We weren't ready for him to go, but I know he was so excited to see my grandmother again.  They were married 66 years before she died 5 years ago.  Here is a few of my cousins.  There is many more that is not pictured.  

The kids and Kevin stayed in Houston when I went to Orange for the funeral.  It would have been too hard bringing the kids there.  But, Kevin had open house that evening so the kids went with him and played in his room until it was time for it to start. Then they got to play in the gym with other kids and some of Kevin's trusted students watched them.  They had a blast.

Jace and I made a couple friends with some moms who also have 2 year old boys, so we try and get together for play dates occasionally  to get the crazies out of the house.  This was fun at the splash pad.

More before school pictures.  Because he is just too cute

Jace is a pro.  He puts his lunch kit in the bin, puts his folder in his slot, helps me put his nap mat and backpack away before giving me a big kiss and running into the classroom.  He is seriously loving mother's day out! Love that he is able to go.  

He has the sweetest teachers and his little friends are great too.  

He gets to bring a lovie for nap time, he loves his dogs! 

Normally he isn't much fun to take into stores, but for some reason he was loving Hobby Lobby this day.  I had to document it!

More pics before school...
And someone got a haircut.  And if I tell you it was AWFUL would you believe me?!?!?!  He has stranger danger so bad at hair cut places and doctor offices.  I'm talking freaks out and has to be held by multiple people.  It's so much fun for me! Not!

Doing a little light reading while shopping in target!

I am on the hospitality committee again at Dane's school, this month we had a popcorn bar for the staff.  It turned out so cute, and I was shocked at how many flavors of popcorn we got.  


His little feet sticking out from the book, his newly cut hair, his glasses that are a bit too big... all too much! He is just the cutest!

Dane lost another tooth, and the tooth fairy had a total fail and forgot to visit!! UGH!! Nothing like your child waking up disappointed that the tooth is still there.  But, it seems she was just really busy and needed an extra day!

International Dot Day at Dane's school.  We found a shirt and shorts that had dots on it surprisingly! And I talked Dane into wearing my polka dot socks! He was all about it until we opened the door to head to the bus stop and the neighbors weren't in dots.  Then he started second guessing his attire.  Luckily there was lots of kids in his class that particpated.  

More cuteness!! 

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