Friday, October 28, 2016

October Fun

This little cutie loves to be outside playing.  He also loves to ROAR like a dinosaur and then giggle his heart out.  He melts me to goo.  

Sweet Pea at Mother's Day Out


Jace's sweet friends from his class Anna-Grace and Brighley

We found a dinosaur to help entertain us while I shopped

Before heading into his school

Another dreaded eye appointment, this one went a little better.  

Poor dinosaur got eaten on the way home.  :)

How we roll at the grocery store

 A friend gave me these building tiles for Jace... Dane ended up liking them more.  

Little MDO pro

Ice cream treats!

Jace's class went "camping" one week and made binoculars and played in a tent etc.  

Picture Day!! How cute was he before taking him to school.  His hands cracked me up.

Fun at the park one day with MDO friends after we picked them up.  

Treats on Fridays are always a must! 

Kevin  took the boys to a volleyball game.  Popcorn was their favorite part.

Dane's friend Josh had an outdoor movie Halloween party.  His mom made some spooky punch for the adults.  It had dry ice in it so it was bubbling and looked extra spooky! Dane had a blast with his friends.  

After church we went over to Dane's friend Liam's house for a get together to celebrate his birthday.  

Jace and I went to a little Halloween cookie decorating party with some of his friends while Dane was at school.  

Look how good Jace did decorating his cookie.  ;) 

Dane's school did a fundraiser where you order pizza from Papa Johns and the teachers did the delivering.  So fun and Dane loved it! 

MDO again

I voted early! Did you?

I don't have lunch with Dane that often at his school, but normally when I do I have Jace with me.  He asked if I would come one day while Jace was at school. So, of course I had to oblige. 

 Visiting the Halloween store to get a replacement costume for Dane.  I thought Jace would have been scared with some of the decorations that moved and made spooky noises, but he loved it.  He would step on the pedals to make them jump out over and over and laugh and point.  

If it's quiet and Jace is upstairs then you know that Dane left his door open to his room and Jace is in there playing with his legos. 

Dane got a certificate to Rainforest Cafe for making all As on his report card.  

Dane's 3rd grade fall picture!

Exchanging pokemon cards and having fun with neighbor friends

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