Saturday, November 12, 2016

Getschmann's Green Gators

Dane's field day was early this year.  The past few years it has been in the spring, but for whatever reason it was scheduled at the beginning of November.  You would think that it would be a nice cool day, but oh no we can never get that lucky.  It was super hot and humid this day as is all of Dane's outdoor school activities.  It fell on a day that Jace was in Mother's Day Out, but it overlapped with his pickup time.  So, field day was a bit hectic for me this year.  I went to Dane's school and watched the first 30 minutes, then had to run to Jace's school and pick him up and run back to Dane's school to watch the last 15 minutes.  Field Day is a day that is "encouraged" to check your child out it's done, so we hit up Sonic after for a nice cold treat.  Whew! It was so hot! 
Dane's class aka as Mrs Getschmann's Green Gators won the most spirited class, and they definitely deserved that title.  There was lots of cheering and screaming and off beat dancing.  The kids did a great job and had a ton of fun.  

The school provides a treat at the end for the students and Dane graciously shared it with Jman who as soon as he saw it started saying "WOW, hmmmm".  I was happy that Dane shared with no fight, because little man was too excited, and wouldn't have understood why he didn't get one.  Sweet brother.

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