Sunday, November 6, 2016


Halloween night was a super fun great night.  We had heard that there was a street near Dane's school that goes all out for Halloween and that it was the place to be for a fun Halloween experience.  The street gets thousands of kids every year, so sets up bins that people in the community can donate candy to help the residents out. It did not disappoint.  Every single house was really decorated, there was music being played on speakers on the street, a couple houses had "haunted houses" made, lots of kids all around.  We parked at Dane's school and then did some trick or treating at the houses we passed that were on the way to the street.  We brought our wagon for Jace to ride in in between homes, so his little legs didn't get too tired.  He loved following Dane up to the houses and trying to say trick or treat while getting candy.  He got the hang of it pretty quick and had a blast! We ran into tons of people we knew from Dane's school.  Super fun night.  One house had a light up dance floor that the kids really enjoyed.  One house was fully decorated with scary clowns which was right at the time that the news was reporting all the clown drama that was going on.  Kind of funny that they did that.  The clown house gave away free cotton candy and popcorn.  Dane gladly got some popcorn, but did not want to go to the door and trick or treat.  He wouldn't admit that he was a bit scared, but I think that he was.  Anyway, this street was such a fun experience!  We will probably be back next year!