Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin was swamped with teaching his college classes on his birthday, and didn't have much time to celebrate but we still managed to squeeze in a birthday dinner and some gifts and cake.  He's been wanting a new golf bag for a couple years...the one he currently had was his grandfather's and although it's super neat it is a very heavy bag so he was wanting one that was easier to carry.  He had picked this one out months before in passing, so I made a mental note.  I had a teacher event the day before, and was given left over donuts so Dane thought it would be nice to add a donut and a candle to his birthday goodies that morning even though he's not a fan of donuts.  HA! We got him a couple golf shirts and a package of the extra long twizzlers since that's his favorite candy.  The package is huge!! I found it at Cracker Barrel and had to get it.  His birthday fell on the grand opening of our new church building, so it was an extra busy day.  I had to work that morning in the nursery and he was right in the middle of grading final exams at Concordia, it was just a crazy day so we took him out to eat for his birthday a couple days later.  Of course, he chose seafood! Would you believe Jace wanted to eat his crawfish bisque and ate several bites of it!! Crazy  town! We might have a seafood/cajun eater in the group besides Kevin.  

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

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