Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Happenings

Little snippets in November...

Kevin's parents arrived in early November for a 3 month visit, and to get away from the New York harsh winter.  And our Christmas Decorations and tree got put up right before Thanksgiving.  

Jace got an ear infection that caused him to not feel well for a couple days.  I don't get many cuddles anymore, because he is always on the move.  So, I did take advantage of his sick days.  

Jace's school pictures slay me!!! I couldn't decide which I liked best, so ended up getting the entire package. Oops.  Man he is the cutest! 


Can we say Rotten???  He sure did try and claim my sonic drink as his own.

Jace's favorite blanket was accidentally thrown in the washer close to his bedtime, which meant we either had to keep him up way later until it finished or endure him freaking out without his blanket to go to sleep.  Dane heard me talking about it and then next thing I knew he had left this note with his favorite star wars blanket next to Jace's bed.  The blanket is a favorite because it is super soft and fuzzy, and Jace loves to get his hands on it and get Dane bent out of shape about it. So, it was so sweet that Dane offered for Jace to sleep with it, and it fixed the problem! His note was hilarious to me.  It Cracked me up!

Our low window sills make perfect spots for trains, and Jace found the best seat.  HA

Pretending to go nite nite

Fun outside

November came with a mouth mystery.  Dane woke up with his lip so swollen!! It got so big!! Crazy stuff.  Doctor ruled out allergies and fever blisters.  After a few days it just went away.  

 Seeing my little love bug with his class at church is a favorite.  He holds the rope like a pro while walking to and from the playground. 

Found this little hat at Target, and he loved it!! He did not want to take it off, so I had to buy it,  So stinking cute!

 Using those muscles to carry his book purchases from his book fair! 

 Jace and I have become friends with two other mom's of girls who are in his Mother's Day Out class.  After we pick them up sometimes we head over to a nearby park to let them play before heading home just in time to meet Dane off the bus.  
Sweet Anna- Grace and Jace... 

Anna-Grace was too busy drinking water, Jace was too busy fake crying, and Brighley was too busy picking stuff off the bottom of her shoe.  

Celebrating Dane's friend Brayden's birthday.  Jace wanted in the picture too.

 Check out the amount of icing on that cupcake, and that was after taking a ton off.

The hat was a favorite at home too. 

Jace having fun at church duing outside time

Dnae had to carve a soap bar into a fish for Cub Scouts to earn his pocket knife chip.  

 Watching the school bus is a favorite, and on the days that it's trash day as well is a good exciting day for Jman!

J loves to help at the grocery stores, and put things on the counter to be scanned.  This checker was the sweetest.  I ended up going back that same day later that afternoon for something I had forgotten but had Dane with me the 2nd time not Jace.  We ended up in the same checker's line and he recognized me and cracked a joke about how fast my little guy had grown up since he didn't see him, but saw a bigger version.  It was pretty funny and clever.  ;)

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