Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas countdown 11th-16th

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

We made chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music while putting together a Christmas puzzle.  Dane and I lasted for quite a while, but after a couple hours we both fell short and could go no longer.  Kevin stuck it out and finished the puzzle only to get to the end and see that we were missing a piece.  Womp Womp.  

Dopey doing his thang

On the 12th Day of Christmas...

One of our favorite things we have done over the last couple years is make oreo balls and then pass them out to people who work in our community as a random act of Christmas kindness.  It's a good feeling to bless someone and in turn it blesses you.  Little acts of kindness goes a long way.  We sent up several goodie bags to the tellers at our local bank, which is always a favorite for Dane.  Then we went to our local post office and Dane passed out bags to all the workers behind the counter, and gave extras for the workers to give to the ones working the package door.  The post office was packed with people in line waiting to mail packages.  They were working really hard.  We normally go to a few more places, but the post office had a ton of workers, more than expected so we ran out of goodie bags after leaving there.

Dopey playing a round of golf.

On the 13th Day of Christmas...

This week was insanely busy with school stuff and commitments all around.  So unfortunately, nothing was done this day, and the next two days weren't great either.  :(

Dopey was feeling the force.

On the 14th Day of Christmas...

We watched the Elf movie, but it was another busy busy day so I kept it simple and just popped popcorn for the kids.  Only pictures I got of the night.  Sigh.  This week was a bit of a doozie.
Dane loves watching movies especially Christmas movies, so no fuss nights are his jam.

Dopey used our copier and printer.  An oldie but a goodie.

  On the 15th Day of Christmas...

We played catch up with our Jesse Tree. I made peppermint hot chocolate for a treat while we did the devotionals.  A friend from church gifted us with a whole set of Jesse Tree ornaments, and the devotional book that goes along with it which was super nice and unexpected.  So, we added this to our Christmas traditions.  Basically, the Jesse tree is a way to tell the story of the Bible from creation to the Christmas story.  There is a daily reading, verses to look up in bible and a homemade ornament that is a symbol for that part of the story.  It was a great way to learn more about the actual Christmas story and to keep the true meaning of Christmas about Jesus.  So, we did this devotional book every night and Dane would look up and read the verses on his kindle and then hang that day's ornament on our tree in our dining room.  We got the set a couple days late, and there were a couple days that we missed, so on this day we made our Christmas activity a day to get all caught up with our Jesse Tree.

A couple other pics from different days doing the Jesse Tree.

 Dopey just hanging around with some Christmas mazes, word searches and puzzles.

 On the 16th Day of Christmas...

We started off the day with Dane's Christmas party at his school, which is always fun and a bit chaotic.  The kids get filled up with tons of sugar and then checked out early to begin Christmas break! We were definitely ready for a break from school and work and all that goes along with that!

Then that evening we went to our friend's house for a little Christmas get togethr that included lots of food and watching the Home Alone movie in their backyard.  We all had a great time! I couldn't keep Jace from playing with the doggie door.  HA! The kids had a blast, and it was a great way to start off the Christmas break!

 Dopey needed a time out to help adjust his attitude.  Long week caused him to be a bit cranky.

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