Saturday, December 31, 2016

Countdown continues... 17th-20th Days

On the 17th Day of Christmas...

Rudolph pancakes while the kids watched the Rudolph movie.  Rudolph looks pretty sad this year.  HA! Dane didn't seem to care though, he's always up for pancakes so he is easy to please!! 

Dopey wanted to go around with Dane for the day, he knew we were going to see Christmas lights that night and didn't wan to be left behind.  

On the 18th Day of Christmas...

Christmas lights were on the agenda.  We heard about some pretty cool streets in Houston to check out, and it did not disappoint.  One street was fully decorated in a Candy Land theme.  Incredible decorations, and my pics did not do it justice.  Dane brought Dopey along for the ride.  We listened to Christmas music and sipped on hot chocolate while looking at lights. 

Dopey got adventurous and did some wall climbing.  He started off on this cabinet, but then later discovered that his placement wasn't in a good spot, because it kept us from getting cups for Jace.  So, when no one was looking he moved to a different cabinet.  He's super sneaky like that.  

On the 19th Day of Christmas...

We had a lazy day at home, stayed in our pjs most of the day which was glorious.  The day was filled with powder donuts, popcorn, candy canes, sonic drinks, fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate and many many rounds of uno.  We had Christmas movies playing the whole day and just totally relaxed as a family.  It was probably my favorite Christmas day.  I loved being able to be lazy and cuddle on the couch watching several movies with no where we had to be that day! 

Dopey left us a message using Jace's blocks.  At first we were confused and thought it said Smore days, but then realized he was trying to say 5 More Days! ;)

On the 20th Day of Christmas...

We headed into Houston for some Christmas fun.  Our first stop was Second Baptist's Woodway campus to look at their huge train display.  Jace could have stayed here all day!! He loved looking at the choo choo trains.   Their display is pretty incredible!! We had milk and cookies there before heading to the Galleria to let Dane ice skate.  He had a blast, and skated for a couple hours. Jace and I watched for quite a long time, and then we headed over to the mall playground to play while Kevin stayed with Dane.  Once Dane was super tired we all met back up, grabbed a quick lunch and then went to the Lego Store to look around.  Dane had some Christmas money from his Aunt Barby, so he was dying to spend it on some lego men.  Fun Christmasy Day for the books! 

Dopey kneeling by baby Jesus...showing us the Real Reason for this Season! 

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