Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Misc.

A post full of random miscellaneous pictures.

Jace loves puppies...even fake ones at Old Navy. 

We had a couple sick days in December. :(

Watching the trains at church was always a favorite

My cute little mug I found on clearance!

The lumberjack hat is back, and was still a favorite, he wore it to school and the teacher said he wouldn't take it off the entire day.  

This shirt couldn't have been more persfect for this rascal on this day.  I walked into the kitchen to find him sitting on our very hard kitchen tile with my fancy camera and lens.  Talk about a full on panic attack.  I'm just praying that he gently put it on the ground when he pulled it off the counter that I accidentally left in reach.  

How we get through Kroger trips... bribery to ride the horse! 

Little man in his cute Aggie jacket that was Dane's at drop off at his school. 

His class made these ornaments... so cute! 

Dane and neighborhood friends playing in the backyard.  

More train pics

Cute shot of my boys

He is a chick fila drink stealer.  

Christmas Pj and book exchange party day at Mother's Day Out.  He refused to look at my camera. 

Dane at his bestie Andrew's bday party.  

We celebrated our good friend, Gabe's law school graduation!

It's a good day when Dane allows Jace to play legos with him in his room.  

I caught Dane counting presents to make sure it was even.  I know better than to not make it even Steven.  

Jace giving kisses to his dog and his favorite Santa friend. 

I caught this sweet moment of Dane reading to Jace.  Melts my heart.  

After Christmas Dane went camping with his grandparents for a few days.  So, we went attempted to go to the zoo, but we couldn't find parking, so ended up at Discovery Green to let Jace run around.  It was super windy that day, so he had fun laughing and giggling that his hair was blowing all crazy.  He thought it was hilsraious when Kevin pretended to be stuck to the wall, and was flying like an airplane.   

Little wrestling match...

My sweet cuddly boy.  

Dane got this Star Wars battle game in his stocking.  

Both boys got a new board game for Christmas, so we had some game nights during the break.  

A cute picture of Dane and Jackie! 

Jackie sent me these pictures that she took while visiting of JMan.  

Dane had a great time camping with his grandparents.  They got to see some cool stuff!

And last buy not least... Santa's newest reindeer. 

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