Monday, December 26, 2016

Let the Christmas Fun Begin

I gotta get caught up with all the December fun.  
It's always a busy month, but this year seemed even busier than most.  For one thing December totally snuck up on me this year.  Wasn't it just September?? 

  I feel like I'm generally an organized person and on top of things for the most part. I wouldn't consider myself forgetful about important things, and not typically the mom who doesn't know what is going on at the school.  I get all the alerts, texts, Facebook messages, emails etc and am the girl who writes things in her calendar immediately.  But, if I'm being honest here I've had a rough school year so far.  I've been a hot mess, and feeling like I can't keep up the past few months.  Missing the memos on things, and just constantly feeling like I am a step behind.  It's been frustrating.  I'm thinking it's because with 3rd grade teachers aren't sending home much information, they are expecting the kids to be responsible with knowing test dates and homework assignments etc, and Dane remembers about 50% of the details of anything going on that I feel is important.  :)  Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.  
So, anyway with this rant I feel like the school year has flown by and suddenly it was Christmas time and I didn't feel as prepared as I normally do.  We still did our 25 Days of Christmas, with some days being super lame and some days thrown together at the last minute, and a couple days doubled up because life was too busy to squeeze something in.  Dopey our elf made an appearance, and he is just getting old and tired.  He can't hang like he used to.  HAHA! He did the best he could, but after 5 years of doing all the tricks there's just not much left to do.  But, we had a great Christmas season.  The kids enjoyed all the family time, and all and all it all was a fun time.  

Dane wanted lights in his room, so he decorated his little tree, and we draped lights on his hat hook, and above his bed.  The kids helped me "decorate" the tree.  Jace put all the ornaments in the same little corner of the tree.  He would sit by the tree and say "OH WOW", and then when you weren't looking he would grab ornaments off the tree and take off running with them.  

Excuse the cords, pics were taken before Kevin was able to get those hidden.  

Lots of Christmas coming soon!

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