Saturday, December 31, 2016

21st-23rd Days of Christmas

 On the 21st Day of Christmas 

We headed to Orange for a couple days to celebrate Christmas with family.  The first night we were there we went to the Shangri La to do their Christmas stroll.  It was much prettier in person, than my cell phone pics showed.  It's a pretty long stroll around the property.  All the local business decorated Christmas trees with different themes, all so cute! The boys loved being able to run around during our stroll.  We stopped and got hot chocolate at the concession stand and some treats before heading out.  The boys had fun in the "snow" section, although Dane figured out pretty quick that it was more like soap falling from the sky than snow.  But, best you can get in Orange Texas when it's in the 50's in December.  Ha! Fun evening, and happy that my niece was able to join us.  

We found Dopey in our car that morning when packing up to head out of town.  He stayed in the car the entire time we were there, guess he was nervous he would get left behind.  

On the 22nd Day of Christmas...

We spent the day with Granny and Poppy.  She made us a yummy Christmas meal, and the kids opened their gifts from them.  

On the 23rd Day of Christmas...

We decorated gingerbread cookies.  As you can see the boys are complete opposite.  Dane just throws his icing on there and throws some sprinkles and calls it a day.  Jace on the other hand doesn't want any icing touching his fingers, and then meticulously places the sprinkles on very carefully.  Hilarious.  

And Unfortunately, I either forgot to take pics of the last couple days of  Dopey's antics or the pictures got deleted or something, but I'm missing a few days.  

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