Monday, January 30, 2017

Volcano Day

Dane has been looking forward to 3rd Grade's volcano day for a couple years now.  He has seen older kids bring their volcanoes to school, and was so ready for his turn.  Thankfully his science loving engineer grandpa was still in town and got the honor of helping Dane create and build his volcano.  They had such a great  time doing that together.  
None of us were prepared or dressed appropriately for how cold it was.  The temperature didn't make us think it was that cold, but when we got to the school we were all wishing we had thicker coats on.  That wind was freezing!!!! Whew!! So cold!! But, we sucked it up and got to watch all the kids take turns erupting their volcanoes.  Such a fun day for the 3rd graders! 

Dane and his bestie Andrew

Jace sitting by his favorite Sara, he was so cute he would clap and cheer while watching the volcanoes erupt.  

I didn't get any pictures of it actually erupting because I was videoing instead.  

Dane and his class with his science and math teacher, Mrs Bryant. 

January Little Things

Whew!! It's been a while!! I'm here!! 2017 came and we have been running ever since! 

We started off the year with a friend date to the movies and to get ice cream afterward.  Dane and Sara have been in the same class the past couple years and they have become great little friends.  Sara's brother had to undergo a serious brain surgery and a lot of time was being spent in hospitals, so we took Sara with us for a day to give her some time away.  I can not remember what movie we went and saw, considering it is now May.  HA! I'm cheating though with the post stamp.  :)  I kind of felt like I was chaperoning a little date, although Dane would die if I ever said that out loud.  Too young for all that, and he considers Sara a good girl buddy.  

Little stinker on the playground at church.  

Drive in movie?
 Movie nights are always a favorite with these boys.  

Someone might be ready for a nap?!?!

Back in December as one of our Christmas countdown activities we mailed a couple soldiers care packages who were over seas.  Well, to our surprise Dane received a letter back from one of the soldiers.  He is stationed in South Korea and had a few more months there.  To say that Dane's year was completely made would be an understatement.  He was so excited to read that letter and to have some of his questions that he wrote in his letter answered.  Truly a neat experience to get that letter back.  We went through an organization that didn't release names or addresses to protect their soldiers, so we had no idea who would get our package.  I honestly didn't think we would get any confirmation at all that the packages would make it in the hands of a solider.  To get a letter and see Dane's genuine excitement brought me to tears.  Incredible! 

 Little man was having a hard time this morning feeling motivated to go to school.  Tired from all the Christmas shenanigans.  

I walked in to pick up Jace to find him and Mrs Jenna laughing hysterically about her coffee being "too hot".  So cute! 

A sock full of cars.  Still obsessed with fuzzy socks.  

We cashed in a Christmas gift card one weekend at Bounce Bounce.  Super fun place, the ball pit is a favorite!

 When you think time out is funny.  Sigh.  

Sweet Pea

We spend a lot of time at the park while Dane is away at school.  

Melts my heart.  

Little guy sleeping good at MDO!

I dropped Dane off at the skating rink for a friend's birthday party.  I couldn't keep Jace off the rink, so we went down the street and I let him run around Chuck E Cheese while we waited for the party to be over.  He had fun just pushing the buttons, so no  money was required! 

Our friend Anna-Grace came over one day to play.  They are in the same mother's day out class.  

Another day at the park with friends. 

Jace "golfing" at Dane's lesson.  Keeping this booger off the green is near impossible.  

The birthday cards started rolling in, so Dane was thrilled to get some birthday cash! He was a little confused with the checks.  HAHA!! Oh, this generation has no clue about writing checks!! Once I told him that you cash it and you get that amount listed, then the cheering began! Cheers for birthday money!

Our church had a painting event for the childcare workers at Painting with a Twist.  Super fun night! I definitely didn't miss any callings in the art department, this proved how unartistic I am, but it was a great night out with friends.  

Bath time fun!

Swet brothers lounging in the video chairs watching a movie!

Someone discovered that HEB has little carts.  How cute is he with this little cart?? So cute, but it took me twice as long to get what I needed.  T oo easy for him to grab non needed items and to throw them in the basket.  I try and avoid shopping all together on days he is with me.  I'm usually sweating by the time we are done with it.  Busy Bee for sure!

I'm not sure what is going on here.  Crazyiness.