Friday, December 30, 2016

On the 6th- 10th Days of Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

We went and watched Dane's 3rd Grade Christmas Musical- The Penguins That Stole Christmas.
Dane was over the moon that he got picked to be a reindeer in his 3rd Grade play, which meant he had several speaking parts instead of just singing.   To say that he was excited was a total understatement.  He is so not my child, because I can tell you that if I got picked to have a speaking part I would have died.  I probably would have had a full on panic attack and threw up before the show. Public Speaking is up there in the top 3 of my biggest fears.  But, Dane did fantastic! The play was absolutely adorable, and all the kids did such a great job! We had to make our own costumes, and the music teacher wanted it to be home made and to use what we had around the house.  She is super laid back and easy, but a wonderful fun music teacher, Dane absolutely loves her.  I was stressing about his costume if I'm being honest.  Finding brown pants for boys is impossible, and he refused to wear leggings.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So, we spray painted a sweat suit, and it was a hot mess, but Dane was super happy with it and didn't care that it was FAR from perfect.  The reindeers did great, all remembering their lines and the show was great.  With it falling during the week there wasn't much time for our daily Christmas activity, so after the show we went to Bruster's and got a Christmas treat.  Dane wanted their Christmas special flavored shake, Peppermint Oreo.

Dopey was missing the North Pole so decided to bundle up and hang out in our fridge for the day.

On the 7th Day of Christmas

I made some Popcorn Christmas munch with popcorn, m&ms coated in almond bark and hot chocoloate for Dane and I and we watched Polar Express. It was a total chill night, no fuss and a great way to end a school night.

Just a little practical joke by the Dopester

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

We had french toast and peppermint shakes for dinner.  A real treat for Dane since he loves breakfast food so much! Jace wanted nothing to do with my french toast, which is not surprising.  I can't get him to eat any breakfast type food at all.  Total opposite of Dane.  Sigh,  He is such a horrible eater.  Hoping for a Christmas miracle with him on the food situation.  :)

Dopey made a little hide and seek game with candy canes.  Dane found 9, and couldn't for the life of him find the 10th. He went to school, came home and still couldn't find it.  Which didn't surprise me one bit, can't find his shoes most mornings even when they are right under his nose.

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

Dane's cub scout Christmas party was this night, so I just made this our Christmas activity for the day! This year was just a busy time, so we had to be flexible, and I had to let go of the usual pressure that I put on myself.  It was FREEZING the night of Dane's Cub Scout party.  As in high 20's.  The party started off at the school with pizza and a ton of Christmas desserts, and some fun Christmas games.  "Santa" showed up on a firetruck, but Dane recognized him right away as a dad of a scout.  He was adamant at first that he was not sitting on his lap, until he found out the only way he was getting his derby car kit was to see Santa.  HA! Then the scouts went caroling on a hayride around the near by neighborhoods.  Thankfully, there was only enough room for the scouts and pack leaders on the trailer and the parents were asked to stay at the school.  It was miserable cold, so I was happy to oblige!! :)

Dopey was losing his creative juices this year, so he just put on a Minecraft mask and hung out in Dane's bathroom.  Dane thought it was great, and mentioned that he wished Dopey would keep it on and actually play Mine Craft on the playstation.  Dopey took notes, and came through the next night as well.

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

Dane and I had a little fun adventure date just the two of us.  We went shopping so that he could pick out something for his brother and dad, and then we cashed in his gift certificate to the Rainforest Cafe that he won for making all As on his report card.  I was planning on letting him pick out the gifts himself, but paying for them, but he wanted to use some of his own money for the gifts.  Such a sweet kid when he wants to be!! So, we went to Toys R Us, and I had to kind of guide him a bit because he kept picking pricey things for Jace, I didn't want him to spend all of his money.  We settled on a bucket of dinosaurs that I knew Jace would love.  Then it was time to shop for Kevin.  He had mentioned previously to me that he really needed a new traveling mug to take to work for his coffee, so I knew that would be something we could find pretty cheap for Dane to buy.  We found an Aggie one at Academy, and Dane was prepared to pay the $11 for it, but it rang up on clearance at the checkout! Score! He had money leftover, and was super happy with himself that he was buying gifts for loved ones!! We then went to the Rainforest Cafe, it had been years since we had been and Dane was little the last time and didn't remember it.  We had a great time together on our little date!  On our way out we stopped and got a to- go hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie before heading home!

Ask and you shall receive... Dopey playing MineCraft with the same mask.  Done! Check!

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