Monday, January 30, 2017

Volcano Day

Dane has been looking forward to 3rd Grade's volcano day for a couple years now.  He has seen older kids bring their volcanoes to school, and was so ready for his turn.  Thankfully his science loving engineer grandpa was still in town and got the honor of helping Dane create and build his volcano.  They had such a great  time doing that together.  
None of us were prepared or dressed appropriately for how cold it was.  The temperature didn't make us think it was that cold, but when we got to the school we were all wishing we had thicker coats on.  That wind was freezing!!!! Whew!! So cold!! But, we sucked it up and got to watch all the kids take turns erupting their volcanoes.  Such a fun day for the 3rd graders! 

Dane and his bestie Andrew

Jace sitting by his favorite Sara, he was so cute he would clap and cheer while watching the volcanoes erupt.  

I didn't get any pictures of it actually erupting because I was videoing instead.  

Dane and his class with his science and math teacher, Mrs Bryant. 

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