Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little snapshots

Once we were all on the mend from the horrible flu life went back to normal and we were back to doing just everyday stuff.  Lots of park visits, time with friends etc.  

Someone grew very attached to Dane's birthday balloon.  

well...3ed grade means one thing in music class.  The infamous recorder.  It's just as peaceful and sounds beautifully as you can possible imagine.  ;)

Sometimes my class at church goes out to the playground the same time as Jace's, so I get to see his cute self.  

Impromtu queso evening with my friends Leslie and Romi... I was looking rough because wasn't planning on leaving my house but it was the anniversary of Romi's sweet dad passing, and she needed to get out.  So, we met her in Katy for a quick visit.  

Cub scout party

How can you deny this sweet face anything??

Jace's class always has something new out for when the kids get there, these cars were a favorite. 

My house always has cars everywhere.  No mater how many times I bring them upstairs they always end back downstairs.  I'll miss this one day when my house is quiet and there are no little cars anywhere.

I dropped these two crazies off at COF for their snowpalloza event.  They had a ton of games and real snow to play in, food trucks etc.  Fun night.

His wife will thank me.  

I found this on my pillow one night.  Just when I'm ready to run away Dane will surprise me and be super sweet.  Spelling needs some work, but love it.  

When you refuse a nap you fall asleep while eating.