Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sickie Hearts

The first half of February was not good to us.  Whew it was a doozie.  Dane's bday was January 31st, and he was feeling totally fine.  When I woke him up for school on the 1st he was a whiny mess that he did not want to go to school.  So unlike him as he is the morning child and always jumps right up and never is hard to get moving.  He started complaining that he wasn't feeling well, and my initial thought was maybe he had just eaten way too much junk the last couple days because of his birthday.  He really didn't feel that warm, so I was trying to figure if he was sick or not and could go to school when he ended up getting sick to his stomach. So, that sealed the deal.  As the day went on he started running a fever and was very lethargic  Pretty much went downhill from there.  If  Dane is wanting to nap, and he has no desire to play electronics or watch tv then you know he is sick.  I took him to the minute clinic and we found out he had the flu.  He ended up missing 4 days total of school, and didn't eat hardly anything that entire time.  He was so miserable.

Kevin had switched Jace's bed to a toddler bed while Dane was sick because he kept climbing out of the crib.  So, on top of dealing with Dane being super sick we were now also trying to make the transition of the toddler bed with Jace.  Good times.  He was in and out of the bed the first few nights.  Even managed to break the baby proof door handle that we put on the inside to try and stop him from opening the door.  There was one night I thought he was asleep and I fell into bed and had just dozed off when suddenly I was awaken to my eyelid being pried opened with a tiny little claw.  Little stinker.  He's exhausting sometimes. 

Finally after about 5 or 6 days Dane woke up with an appetite, so we knew he was on the mend.  

But, then Jace woke up super clingy and tired and fussy.  Sigh.  He ran a high fever for a couple days and ended up having a febrile seizure again.  It was just as scary this time as the first despite the fact I knew exactly what was happening this time.  Kevin wasn't home, he had gone to eat with his parents who were still in town.  Dane was laying down upstairs resting when it occurred and I was cleaning the kitchen.  It is the scariest thing to have to see.  I yelled at Dane to get his shoes on and we loaded up and headed to the urgent care.  I found out there that he had the flu and the spikes in fever is what caused it yet again.  I was terrified it would happen again while he was sleeping, so I made a pallet on his floor and slept up in his room during nap times and at night.  Then guess what... yep I woke up a few days later feeling terrible.  Yep...flu.  And let me tell you it nearly did me in.  I felt bad for a good 10 days maybe more, and ended up also getting an upper respiratory infection on top of it. I felt like I was dying.  It was awful.  When Jace was still sick we would just lay and watch movies and rest.  But, the really hard part was the second Jace started feeling better and I was still really sick.  Those days were tough.  I felt like crap, but Jace was still needing me to be up and moving and doing things for him.  I've never been that sick in all my life.  It was pretty bad.  

During the time that I was sick Jace's school had their VDAY party.   I sent a print to Walgreens, and had them print out 10 pics, and Kevin stopped and picked up a pack of cars for his cards.  A friend who has a daughter in his class came by and picked up Jace for me that week while I was still struggling.  

Jace knew that there was a car in his goodie bag so when given the bag at pickup that's all he cared about.  He didn't care about any card or treat...just wanted his car.  

Jace making his Vday card at school, and his class pic on party day courtesy of his teacher.  

Valentine's rolled around, and for the first time ever I was not prepared.  I normally have my gifts for holidays way before the deadline, but man alive the flu took me out.  I was still feeling very crummy when the 14th hit, but I knew Dane would be very disappointed if he came home from school and didn't have any vday candy at least.  I had already told Kevin that no gift was necessary for me, and to not expect one. HA!! All I wanted was for him to come home and let me go to sleep while he managed dinner and the kids.  But, I pushed through and Jace and I ventured off to Barnes and Nobles to pick up this book for Dane and to grab a little vday candy for the both of them.  I already had Jace's book... sometimes I buy too much at Christmas and then realize that and put things aside for other holidays.  :)  Dane had been wanting this book for a while, he had a friend that had it so I knew he would be excited to get it.  

**So, on a side note Jace and I are leaving Barnes and Nobles when out of nowhere he lets go of my hand and sprints to the parking lot.  BIG SIGH!!!! This was the first time he had ever done that to me, of course it's when I feel like I am dying.  It scared me to death.  He has done it to me several other times since this occurrence...  Dane never did that, so it's always shocking and terrifying experiences for me. **

Back to Vday... Dane was SOOOOOO excited!!! He couldn't believe that I knew to get him this book.  I listen and make mental notes what can I say.  haha  Jace loved his book also.  It makes all the sounds of vehicles, so it was a favorite! 
  And for the first time ever I had no clue what type of cards and candy Dane went to school with... Kevin took him to the store for me and they picked up generic cards and taped candy to them and called it a day.  Real love right there! :) Not our most lovey dovey vday to the date...but it's real life! 

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