Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Firetruck rides

Jace's school friend Samuel had his birthday party at a park, and had a fire truck come for the kids to play on.  The kids were able to get in the front seat and push the sirens etc.  Then we were all able to get on top of  the truck and took a ride SLOWLY around the neighborhood a few times.  Funny story about riding on top of the firetruck... As we would approach tree branches or twigs the fireman riding on  top with us would yell for us to duck.  Well, one time he yelled it a split second too late so I didn't have time to duck down when a tree branch/twig hit my head and yanked out a huge section of my hair from my ponytail.  It did not feel good, but the super funny thing is that I had to ride the rest of the way which felt like a small eternity with a big chunk of my hair pulled out because I had one arm holding Jace and the other holding onto the rail so we wouldn't fall.  Pretty embarrassing. HAHA  I didn't know any of the parents except the mom of the birthday boy.  Anyway, it was a fun birthday party and Jace loved every minute of it! 

 Obviously that is before the incident.  HAHA!!