Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Festival

Spring festival is always a ton of fun and a huge fundraiser for Dane's school.  This year Kevin was teaching his night class so I had to go at it alone.  It was pretty packed, so I was stressed that I was going to lose Jace in the crowds, because he likes to run away fast in public events.  I barely saw Dane the entire evening, he met up with a few friends and they were running around together.  I'd only see him if he had run out of tickets or was needing money for a snow cone or popcorn.  Ha.  So, I didn't get many pics of him.  I did make him and his friend Chance take a quick picture when I ran into them despite their best efforts to avoid me and my camera.  They are like teenagers trapped in elementary bodies.  Jace was a huge handful, I hate to paint the picture in a negative way of my sweet boy.  But, it's our reality right now... he is a crazy handful especially in places like this.  So, it was a lot of work keeping up with him.  I ran into a couple mom friends and they were lounging in chairs while their 3rd graders did their thing, relaxing and enjoying the mom conversation and their drinks.  I don't think they envied me one bit as I was a sweaty mess, frazzled and on the brink of losing my mind.  :) We had some good laughs about it. 
But, Jace had so much fun and Dane enjoyed having the freedom to run around without me hovering.  Good Times!


 Whew!! Dane really needed a haircut! 

 Towards the end of the evening we still had a ton of tickets left, so the boys did the candy/cake walk several times to try and win a treat for the way home.  

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