Friday, April 28, 2017

April little things

Another Miscellaneous post... Our days are quite simple and a lot are the same thing over and over.  Lots of park visits, play dates with friends, splash pad visits etc.  

 The new Aggie football player...

 Jace & Anna-Grace after school wasting time at the park before getting their siblings off the bus.  

 Crazy Jace... he is constantly climbing.  These couches have taken a beating, and they are falling apart.  I'm dying to get new furniture since these are a century old, but it's not in the budget yet and not sure I would want this crazy climbing all over some new furniture!

 Dane & Andrew... 

 Look at that static in his hair!!
 Celebrating Elliott's bday at the park.  

 The Hulk came for a visit.  We were so scared

A play date with Rhyder

 Jace loves play dough!!

And his dog!

Game nights are always a favorite for Dane

 Bad weather means I take Dane to school.  I don't do it very often so I get nervous as we approach our turn.  Moms don't play around with the car  rider line... if you make a mistake someone will take a picture of your car on the website and blast you about it.  HA 

 Where's Jace??

Look Mom No HANDS!! 

Look how Big Dane is getting.  He looks like a teenager carrying his golf clubs.  

 Bruster's ice cream! Yes please! 

 Check out his bed head!!!!!! He must have been doing flips during nap time, his hair is insane.  Only thing that calmed it down was getting his hair soaking wet.  

 It's always a fun time when the ice cream truck rolls through the neighborhood.  

Jace and I go to Skip's Farm to eat and play on Friday nights while Dane has golf lessons.  

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