Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Sing & Mother's Day Out fun

Some pictures from Mother's Day Out.  

His school has a sping sing for all of the classes.  For the 2's it's way more casual than the older classes.  The parents are able to come during the music class and watch them sing all the songs, and parents are encouraged to sing and dance along.  Jace was all ready before it started, and then got stage fright while it was going on.  His teachers said he always participates on normal days.  But, with me being in there he just wanted me to hold him.  Several of his friends all had the same problem.  HA! So, performing in crowds might not be his thing... he gets it from his momma.  After we participated in music class we got to go with them back to the classroom have cookies and juice.  There was a huge tray with all sorts of cookies, some super cute and fancy.  Jace chose oreos and only ate the white part out of it and wouldn't eat any of the cookies.  He always surprises me when he won't eat sweets! 

Some cute pictures that I got from his teachers.  Who said tea parties are for only girls?

 His school had an Easter Egg hunt.  Parents weren't able to be there, but I did get a few pics from his teachers.  He was excited to show me his eggs when picked him up.  
Here he is ready to dominate the egg hunt.  

He loves going to Mother's Day Out, it's been really good for him.  

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