Friday, April 21, 2017


We had a packed fun Easter weekend.  We ended up skipping school on the Thursday before Good Friday so we could have a 4 day wknd.  Every now and then a mental health day is needed, so tacking it onto the Easter weekend was perfect.  We headed to Orange Thursday morning and spent the day hanging out.  The kids did some swimming, well mainly Dane.  The water was freezing, so Jace mainly just hung over the edge and played with the water.  But, the cold water didn't phase Dane one bit.

On Good Friday we along with my mom, and my two aunts went over to Lindsay's house for a little family get together.  We had a barbecue lunch and then did an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  My aunt Donna brought the littles a pack of cars and Jace was beyond thrilled.  He hunted eggs for about 3.5 seconds and then just wanted to play with his new cars.  The bigs took the hunt very serious.  It was a fun day spent with family.  

Saturday we packed up and headed to Weimar for a crawfish boil/Easter Egg hunt at my friend Dallas's house.  It was such a fun day.  She had a bunch of yard games, tons of food, etc.  The kids ran around together and us adults sat around and laughed our tails off.  Then the kids did an Easter Egg hunt with their being easy eggs for the littles to find and a hard egg hunt that had Itune cards hidden for the bigs.   Good ol country fun with friends who are like family in Weimarville! 

Then we were back home in time to celebrate Easter! I had to work at my church early on Sunday morning, so we were kind of in a rush to go through Easter baskets before getting ready to head to church.  Dane loved that the Easter Bunny brought him a fidget spinner... all the rage for his age.  He got the new Star wars movie, his own personal charger since he is always bugging us to use ours, a new bathing suit and a couple other things. Jace got the Sing movie, bubble dispenser and bubbles, several new trains and a bathing suit, and big boy underwear and Both kids got a water bottle that has the mister pump on it.  They were both excited about their goodies.  We went to church and tried to get a few pics beforehand.  After church we picked up Pei Wei to go, because we are super fancy like that and went to a park nearby to let the kids play while we ate. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and enjoying quality time together.  

 Blah.  This picture is terrible of me, I was desperate to get a haircut and some TLC on my hair, but it wasn't in the cards before Easter.  But, it's the only family picture we got so I have to include it.  Ugh

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