Friday, May 26, 2017

May This & That

Swimming lessons are going great.  We put Jace in the everyday two week session a couple times in a row, and then started weekly lessons once those were complete.  He is getting more comfortable in the water, and not scared to go in anymore.  He has gone through a couple teachers due to scheduling conflicts with their times available.  Once he "graduated" from the guppy level he was moved up to the goldfish level.  Hoping we can make him into a little fishy like his brother.  

Off roading

Dallas was in town for work, so Christy and I met her for a quick lunch visit.  

Play dough fun! Dane will sit and play with it occasionally when Jace is doing it.  

I celebrated Mother's Day by working at my church that morning.  Our church set up a Mother's Day breakfast for all the moms and had a table filled with lip glosses and nail polishes that every mom got to choose from.  Very nice breakfast and event for us moms.  Then after church Kevin got me Gringos to go and I relaxed with some netflix that afternoon.  Jace made me this cute bag at his school.  Dane and Kevin got me a a few seasons of a show that I love that I'm no longer able to watch due to what channel it comes on. 

Just swinging with our friends Elliot and Rhyder

On Friday nights Kevin teaches a night class and Dane has golf lessons.  There is no way to keep Jace entertained at the lessons without him running all over the green.  Thankfully there is a restaurant directly across the street from the lessons and it has a big play area, so I have been taking Jace over there during the lessons to play while we wait on Dane.  
That is Jace eating a burger... which is a miracle.  I had to hold my breath and not make any sudden movements so he didn't realize what he was doing.  He about half of it which was totally shocking.  

On certain mornings while school is in session Urban Air has toddler time for a super cheap price, so we  meet his friends Rhyder and Elliot there for a couple hours.  It's a great place to burn off a ton of energy and ensure a good nap! 

Little stinker... always making messes wherever he goes.  Then looking all innocent and cuddly to make you think there is no way this sweet boy did all this.  Don't be fooled by this cutie.  He is like a tornado most days. 

Jace and Samuel are little school friends

Andrew invited Dane to go with him to MineCon.  It's a big Mine Craft conference where they can meet MineCraft youtubers and do all the things related to minecraft.  Listen I'd be lying if I said I had any clue about it more than what I described! HA! Minecraft is all the rage for these kids.  Dane had a blast at the conference and was beyond excited to meet the YouTubers and get their autographs. Fun day for those boys!

We celebrated our friend Sara's bday. She had a mermaid party at her house with several friends from school and family.  

Sweet neighbor friends

Brotherly love

Crazy boy

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream