Friday, May 26, 2017

Finishing up 3rd Grade

Is it just me or did this school year just fly by?? Doesn't feel like that long ago it was the first day  of 3rd grade, and here we are at the end.  It was a great year for Dane! 

The last few things to finish up the school year made for a busy month...

Teacher Appreciation week 
I'm co-chair for the Hospitality committee so we provide lunches and treats for the teachers throughout the school year.  Teacher appreciation is a week long event at Ault, so everyday we had something different for the staff.  It was a ton of work and pretty stressful but the teachers are always so thankful for the time spent and the yummy food.  We did a breakfast bar the first day, which I forgot to get pictures of, a snack bar, soup and salad day from Newks, a food truck serving hamburgers and a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food from Las Mananitas.  

 Future Ault All Stars giving us a helping hand while we worked.  

Dane had his first STAAR test.  He had 2 days of long testing days for math and reading.  We made sure he had a good breakfast both mornings, and then celebrated it was over with an icee.  It is long days for those kids. 
***Spoiler Alert he did fantastic on both of them.  We were very proud of him and his scores! 

3rd Grade got rewarded with a banana split party for having everyone finishing the timed multiplication tests they did every week.  Each week they took a test where they had to answer 12  problems in 60 seconds to advance to the next round.  If they didn't get all right in 60 seconds they would do the same level the next week.  And those who pass would move up to the next round.  Their motivation to get through all the rounds was a banana split party.  
I volunteered to be one of the moms who helped serve the banana splits.  We had it set up like an assembly line where we each had a station and the kids came through and got to decide what they wanted on their splits.  Dane got a banana split without the banana.  :)
It was near the end of the day, so I checked Dane out after the party was over. My friend Allyson watched Jace for me while I volunteered.  Jace had a great time playing with Logan's sister's barbie toys.  HAHA

Then came awards day! So proud of Dane for making the honor roll all year.  The awards ceremony was at the exact same time as when Jace needed to be dropped off at his MDO.  So, I dropped him off at Lauren's house super early and she took him and Anna-Grace who is in his class to school for me.  I appreciated that so much.  The ceremony lasted 2 hours, no way Jace would have cooperated that long, and I would have hated to miss Dane getting his award.  Lauren sent me a picture and said they both wanted a hamburger bun, so I let them.  I died laughing.  Jace had to been being a copy cat, bc that's not something he would ever ask for at my house.  

Last day of 3rd grade!! Bitter sweet.  I loved his teachers and the friends that were in his class.  But, we were definitely ready for the summer break! 
Dane's school does their end of the year parties on the last day first thing in the morning, and then you are able to check them out early.  So, we were done with the day by 10:00! 4th Grade here we come!! 

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