Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last little bit of MDO

 Jace got to celebrate his summer birthday in May at Mother's Day Out.  I think he saw all of his friends get their day, so he totally understood that it was his turn and was all smiles. The birthday boy got to bring a treat to share, wear a birthday hat, be the line leader, get sung to in music etc and get a little gift from his teachers at the end of the day.  He loved all the attention! 

His last day was a week and half earlier than when Dane's school got out.  Jace had such a great year in his first year in Mother's Day Out.  We loved the program and his teachers were so very nice and he learned a ton.   Jace was a little cranky and emotional on the last day so I didn't get the pictures I wanted, I joked that he was upset that it was over.  Maybe so! We are looking forward to the 3's class this coming year. 

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