Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Kevin and Dane played in their first father/son golf tournament together on the Saturday before Father's Day.  They had such a great time and Dane had lots of great shots.  He did really well, and looking forward to more tournaments this summer.  

On Father's Day Kevin had the day to himself.  Bringing Jace to restaurants isn't much fun right now with this stage of life he is in.  He is constantly on the move and won't sit still.  Sometimes it's a lot of work so if you get the chance to eat without kids you take it! Kevin wanted seafood and to see a movie so that's what he did.  Having a little quite time is good for the soul.  I think he enjoyed the day.  We showered him with gifts, which unfortunately I can't remember what we got him besides what Jace made for him at his school.  HAHA 
My kids are so lucky to have such an involved father.  Kevin always puts us first and sacrifices so much to give us what we need and want.  He's a great father and husband and we are truly blessed.  

 Jace was my big helper when I went to Kroger to get a few of Kevin's favorite treats. 

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