Sunday, June 18, 2017

June misc

 We weren't able to pack up Jace's main birthday gift on our trip, but he was beyond excited when he saw it.  We have it inside for now since its 176 degrees outside.  He loves it!

 My mom has had this outdoor lounger in her garage still in the box for a couple years.  She decided she didn't want it so we took it... I think Jace is a fan.  Perfect little spot to relax while Jace plays on our patio.  

Another birthday rolled around for me.  No matter how hard I try I keep getting older and older.  Sigh.  It was a low key day.  We went to Lupe's Tortillas for lunch, the kids played and ate ice cream.  Then later that evening we went to the new boardwalk in Town Lake and listened to live music and the kids were able to run around on this big section of turf.  It was breezy and relaxing.  Kevin picked up a molten cake for me once we got back home for a birthday treat. Yum.  Love those and hadn't had one in couple years! 

As soon as we got back from our trip the dreaded potty training started.  It actually was easier than we had anticipated.  The first couple days were rough, but then it clicked pretty quickly.  I had sworn when doing it with Dane that I would never use a plastic potty ever again. It's just gross and super inconvenient.  But, I ate my words when Jace was terrified to sit on the big potty.  Screaming like his butt was on fire, so we started off with the little one.  But, after a couple weeks we were able to transition to the real one and it's been smooth sailing ever since. 

 Dane's golf lessons started back up in mid June.  He is loving it! 

 A friend from high school started a little business selling all sort of cute things, and she wanted to practice with her new crafty machine so she sent the boys Popsicles holders with their names on them.  Super cute and fun.  Dane used to put his Popsicle in oven mitts so these were perfect! Jace's was wet in the picture.  

 One of Dane's love languages is hang out with friends... 
Another fun day with Andrew.  Kevin took them to the $1 movie and they hung out the rest of the day at the house.  Andrew is so silly, I can never get a real picture of him when he is with Dane.  Ha!

Another day another play date.  Took Dane, Jace and our neighbor friend Chris to get donuts and play at Urban Air while Kevin painted the foyer, so he had the house to himself while he worked.  

 Big project! Kevin painted the foyer which was a huge job all by himself.   We had been putting it off, and it was ridiculous expensive to hire someone.  

This summer is filled with lots of golfing.  Dane is loving it, so in between practice Kevin is taking him to play at the 9 hole course, or taking him to the golf range.  

 Lots of swimming is occurring as well.  

 Another evening at the boardwalk.  It's been fun to go over there this summer.  They have free live music and things for the kids to do in their center area.  It's surrounded by little restaurants and things.  It's a neat spot! Enjoying it before it gets too hot! 

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