Sunday, June 25, 2017

Next Level Camp

The day after Father's Day we sent Dane off to Next Level Camp with our church.  He had been looking forward to going for a couple years now, it's only for kids going into the 4th and 5th grade so every year when our church is advertising it he wants to go. It's a high energy super fun camp that all the kids have a blast at.  We dropped him off and little man was not happy that he wasn't allowed on the bus, and after the bus pulled away Jace cried that he wanted his "Bro" as he calls him to come back.  Poor little guy missed his brother a ton! I spent the week worrying into an emotional frenzy.  The first evening our church posted pictures of the groups and Dane wasn't in the cabin that he was suppose to be in that had his friends in it.  I don't know what happened, but he ended up in a cabin with kids that he didn't know.  So, I'm not going to lie I lost a lot of sleep that first night worrying that he was disappointed and devastated that he wasn't with friends.  I had no way to know how he was doing during the week and he managed to avoid the camera when the counselors took pictures to post for the parents.  
But, my worrying was all for nothing.  Dane got off that bus at the end of the week so happy.  He had the best time!! He told me that he got to see all his friends at all the activities and hang out with them, so it was no big deal.  And best part... he was awarded by his counselors the friendship award because of his ability to make friends with everyone he meets.  He went in with no friends in his cabin and came out with a whole cabin full of new friends.  The ironic part of it is that before he left we had a long talk about how I wanted him to be the kid in the cabin who included everyone, and even though he had his little group of buddies that if he sees someone without a friend to make sure to include them in his circle.  Long talk about being a good friend to those who had no friends, and he ended up being the kid who didn't have friends.  Funny how things work out like that.  So, we were extra proud of him that he was awarded the friendship award and wasn't scared to make friends and to be a good friend.  Dane is super chatty and can be a lot to handle sometimes, but one huge positive of his personality is that he is outgoing and not afraid to try new things, and is always ready to have a good time with whoever he is with.  
He had an absolute blast at camp, didn't have a single complaint.  He is already talking about getting to go back next year.  We celebrated his homecoming with a trip to Sub Zero which is ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  We were so happy to have him back home.  The house is just too quiet without him.  

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