Saturday, June 3, 2017

Officially Summer

Summer officially started for us on May 26th, and we couldn't have been  more excited for the break!! This is the first year that we have gotten out of school before Memorial Day, so we were thrilled to have the extra few days this year.  Getting out in June is always a bummer, the kids and teachers are so mentally done by then.  

 We created a summer bucket list, and have lots of fun stuff planned for our summer break! We celebrated the first day of summer with Dane's friend Andrew.  His mom dropped him off bright and early on her way to work.  Our neighborhood pool was finally opened, so we wasted no time with making a visit. We met another friend, Chris, at the pool and they swam for several hours.  The pool was empty so we basically had the place to ourselves.  After they wore themselves out we headed out and stopped at Bahama Bucks for the first treat of the summer.

The next day we met a couple toddler mom friends at the splash pad and Jace had a ball.  He played more in a mud puddle than anything, but he was having fun! Poor little guy had a huge bump/gash on his forehead from a coffee table injury couple nights before.  

We spent Memorial Day in Orange hanging out with family.  Only picture I got unfortunately... can't go to Orange without hitting up the Dairy Queen for blizzards, especially during the summer! It was a low key visit, mainly just relaxed and enjoyed some down time.  

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