Thursday, June 29, 2017

While Dane was away

 After we dropped off Dane at camp I took Jace to We Rock the Spectrum for a couple hours so Kevin could work on the next project of the summer... our office.  Out with the red and in with a grayish color.  It's been red for a long long time and I just grew sick of it.  Like the rest of the house I'm wanting it to all change.  So slowly but surely we are painting and changing out decor etc. 
 Jace had a great time pretending in the play kitchen, jumping on the trampoline, riding the zip line and climbing all over the equipment.  It's a neat little gym, super small so there is no worries of losing your crazy toddler.  

 Painting over red is no easy job.  It took two coats of primer and two coats of paint.  
 Jace was in a summer mdo for a couple weeks during the first part of the summer.  So, we took advantage of having no kids for 5 hours one day while he was there and Dane was at camp and went on a little day date.  We did some shopping to find some decor for our blank kitchen wall finally, and then tried out a new restaurant called The Cheese Bar at the Boardwalk in Townlake.  All of their dishes are made with fancy cheeses, and they also sell cheese trays and things like that.  The food was super yummy, and we loved the atmosphere.  It was good to have a moment to ourselves.  This was actually the day after I stayed up all night worrying about Dane at camp.  Kevin knew I needed to get out and do something to distract my worrying heart.  

 We spent some time at the pool letting Jace burn some energy as well each day.  

 And Jace is still doing swimming lessons once a week at Houston Swim Club.  He has gotten pretty comfortable in the comfortable that he has jumped out into the water on several occasions when it wasn't his turn and even has had to sit in time out a couple times during his lessons.  Ha. His swim coach is great though, very loving but serious and doesn't let him get away with doing that. Keeping me on my toes for sure these days.  

 Keeping clothes on him is no easy thing either.  HaHa 
He had just stolen my sonic drink and didn't think I noticed it.  

 And just some everyday pics of the little man... his blanket is still a favorite.  Playing with his choo choo tracks is an everyday thing, and bath time is always the best part of the day.  

Once Kevin finished painting the office he started working on building barn doors for our office. I'll post a picture of the finished project soon.   Projects are keeping him busy this summer, but he loves having things to do.  

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