Sunday, June 18, 2017

#wittschensbetrippin Day 6

It was time to say goodbye to the J.W. Marriott.  It had served us well.  We were all watered out, so we were all ok with leaving without one last swim at the waterpark.  We had plans to hit up the San Antonio zoo since we have a zoo membership, but we arrived to a parking lot filled with school buses.  The last thing we wanted to do was end our trip on a frazzled chaotic note.  We decided that fighting the crowds of field trippers didn't sound appealing, but a train ride around the zoo would work instead.  Jman loves riding on trains, so he enjoyed it.  We had a nice breeze and it was a shady ride so it ended up being a relaxing 20 minute ride.  
From the minute that Dane found out we were going to San Antonio he started begging to go back to the Alamo.  We just went a couple years ago, but he wanted to go back being the history buff that he is.  So, we made a quick stop before leaving town. We spent about 20 minutes there, and then we grabbed a quick lunch and shakes and we hit the road.  We had a silent car ride home.  Jace fell asleep almost immediately and Dane relaxed with his headphones and watched a movie.  It was a great family trip!! We made so many memories, and really enjoyed the family time. 

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