Monday, July 31, 2017

Checking off the bucket list

Summer is flying by.  We had two really great summer months filled with lots of water fun, family time, slow lazy days and fun things planned.  It's been a good summer break so far! August hits and my mind shifts back to school even though we still have till the end of the month.  I start thinking about school clothes and shoes and haircuts etc.  Before school let out we created a summer bucket list of things we had planned and other things we wanted to do on bored days.  I'm sure we won't get to everything, but it's been nice to be able to look up and see what all we have done and other ideas. I had to take a couple things off because of various reasons, and I've added a few things as I think of them.  

So, this is just an overload of miscellaneous pictures from little things we have done in July. 

 Despicable Me 3 movie was a must this summer.  We went to the "fancy" theater as Dane calls it so we could have the reclining chairs.  The theater that is closest to us doesn't have them, so it's always a treat to hit up the "fancy" theaters. 

 When we came back from the lake we stopped in Orange for a visit.  The kids swam and we just hung out.  How cute are my boys all relaxing on the same chair/ottoman.  

 Sadie is always right next to me when we come to town.  No idea why either!! 

Big king size bed and Jace will sleep right up on you...always or will sleep horizontal and take up the entire bed.  
 Hanging with friends and eating Popsicles weren't necessarily on our list but definitely a must with Dane.  He loves hanging out with friends, it's one of his love languages I think.  This is Brodie, a sweet kid who lives in our neighborhood that is over at our house a ton. 

 I made Dirt Cake and it was delicious and so healthy! HA! I had to put some fun treats on our list! 
And a little note about my cute calendar... isn't it adorable?? Well.. I forget to change it about 90% of the time.  Ha!

 Another friend play date with Chris our other neighbor friend.  I took them to the $1 movie to see Mega Mind. And then Chris came over for the day while his parents worked.  He approved of the dirt cake as well!

  Just some Jace cuteness

 Lots of time has been spent golfing this summer.  Dane was either headed to the golf range.  Kevin has taken him quite a bit this summer.  

Make your own pizza night was a hit!! Jace had to sit out of the fun because he started throwing black olives and shredded cheese.  Insert the eye roll emoji.  So, we turned on a show for him to watch while we built our pizzas.  They turned out pretty good I must say!! Kevin humored me and was his normal cheesy self while building his.  

 Little Stinker

 We had plans to get BBQ breakfast tacos from this super yummy joint in Tomball, but got there and were told they stopped selling breakfast tacos.  Kevin was soooooooo disappointed.  He had been looking forward to it for a long time.  We saw this cute little restaurant next door and decided to give it a try.  Super cute little gem! 
 There was a blood drive going on at the Gringos near our house, so Kevin and I donated blood.  We got beach towels and gift cards to Gringos for doing it too.  Awesome! I hadn't donated blood since I stopped working in the medical field so it felt good to be able to give back again! I need to do that more often to help others in need! 
I am 3 and I throw tantrums.  :( I think this one occurred because I grabbed the chocolate sauce before letting him get it himself.  So mistreated you guys.  
 We celebrated National Icecream Day at Brusters!! Yum

 And we made root beer floats one evening.  So good! 
A few days later I saw that National Root beer Day is in August, so7 we shot the gun! HA

 My barn door!! Absolutely love how it turned out.  We are still trying to finish up our office transformation, but the doors look so much better than what we had there before.  
 Little shopper... with his ugly spiderman shoes on.  Y'all he loves these shoes and wants to wear them all the time.  I have no clue where they came from.  They were in the box of shoes that Dane wore, but I don't remember him ever wearing these.  Anyway, it's a battle I don't fight.  I'll be glad when they are too small.  :)
 Double Daves!!! Why is that on our bucket list you ask??? Well, we used to have one near our church that we would visit on Sundays occasionally.  But, it shut down and Dane has been disappointed about it ever since.   We found this one in Katy, so made a visit one Saturday for some pizza roll goodness! 

 A crazy back seat driver....

 Dane is such a nice big brother.. .Jace couldn't reach the pedals so Dane sat down there and pushed them in while Jace drove his car into the wall over and over.  :)

 Dessert pizza...his favorite!

Dane participated in another tournament.  This time without Kevin! He was paired up with a 14 year old and they played against two other 14 year old in their foursome.  Wide range of ages in the tournament and Dane held his own.  He did really well and his twosome had a better score than the other pair in his group.  The adults are not allowed to give any direction or tips about what club to use, how to stand etc.  No coaching whatsoever.  Dane's individual score fell in the middle of the pack, but considering there were kids all the way up to age 17 I think he did really well.  He is loving the tournaments.  

We had Andrew over for another day of fun. I had free lazer tag mission coupons and my Bahama Bucks card was all filled up so had a free snow cone as well.  These boys are the best of friends.  Their personalities compliment each other so well.  They get along great and really enjoy each other's company.  

I met some toddler mom friends at the splashpad so JAce could burn some energy.  

When Tabitha was in town I got a couple pics of our kids together.  She found this picture of Dane and Gage as infants.  Oh my word.  Where has the time gone?!?!?! From car seats to gamer seats...

 And just some cuteness of Jman


Our friend Allyson and Sara invited us over to make pizza rolls. We hadn't seen them all summer so it was good to visit! The kids made the rolls and played for a couple hours.  Then we stopped by the pool for an evening swim.  

 Jace was invited to his friend Anna-Grace's birthday party at the Little Gym. Fun toddler place to have a party! He was all smiles and loved every minute of it! 

 He got this toy camera in his goodie bag and has had it up to his face ever since saying "cheeesssssseeee"  Hilarious.
 I took the kids to Orange for a quick visit.  Jace and I spent the night, but left Dane there to stay for a few more days.  We had to stop at Wienerschnitzel on our way to the house for some yummy chili cheese dogs.  I'm not a huge hotdog person, but these are soooo good.  

While we were in Orange 3 of David's grandchildren came into town from Nashville, so we were able to have some fun with them.   We took the big kids to see a movie.  

We ordered some pizzas that evening and invited Jacob who lives down the street from my mom to come over to eat and swim.  Fun time was had by all.

And I think that is it for July!! Whew!! Great month!!