Sunday, July 16, 2017

Toledo Bend

A highlight of the summer so far was getting to go to the lake with our cousins for a few days.  My cousin's grandparents on her other side has a lake house at Toledo Bend that they are able to go to quite often.  We were thrilled to get the opportunity to go with them, and spend a long weekend doing the lake life.  It was a blast, and the kids had so much fun getting to spend time together.  Our days were spent at the sand bar, tubing, riding the jet skis etc.  It was Dane's first time to ride a jet ski and tube and he couldn't get enough.  His first time he told my Uncle Dan to not go too fast, but after a couple seconds on it he was begging to go as fast as he would go.  He loved it.  Kevin took Jace on a slower ride on the jet ski, and he enjoyed it too but Kevin said he was more interested in playing with the buttons and kept pulling the key out which would stop the jet ski.  It was a great trip.  And actually very relaxing!! No agendas or plans, we had no cell phone service so we truly felt unplugged. Being out on the water had just a calming feeling to it, we felt so relaxed and really enjoyed the quality time.  We are hoping that we can do it again!!



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