Monday, July 24, 2017


Vacation Bible School has come again! This is Dane's 5th year to attend.  Insane that he is going into the 4th grade.  At our church K-3rd is VBS, and 4th and 5th get to do VBX, which is vacation bible extreme.  Basically they get to do fun intense crazy games instead of doing crafts.  It's super fun for the older kids.  Anyway, I worked in the pre-k room.  Kids who are younger than kinder only get to come if they have a parent who is volunteering.  Jace attended one day and he was a hot clingy mess so he had to sit the rest of the week out.  HaHa His preschool room was a couple doors down from the room that I was in, and for whatever reason was super emotional anytime he would see me.  It was pretty bad, and I ended up having to bring him into my room for a little bit to calm him down.  So, he stayed home the rest of the week with Kevin, because he was making it super hard on me to do what I needed to do in my class.  Dane had a great time though, and was in a fun group of boys and had great leaders.  Fun but exhausting week!! 




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