Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Snapshots

 Sweet Jman using his dinosaur to eat whatever was in sight.  If you weren't paying attention he would sneak up and attack your toe or ear or whatever he could get his dinosaur's mouth around.  

I looked up to see Jace without pants at the park.  He had to use the bathroom, so he decided to strip down and pee in the grass and then just keep playing.  HAHA Hilarious

Lots of pool time to survive the August heat! 

My sweet little cuddlier.  I can't get enough of his sweetness.  

We had a double play date.  We met up with Jace's bestie, Samuel from his 2's class for a play date at the splash pad.  They had the best time running around.  Then later that day we picked up Dane's best friend, Andrew for some more fun.  I took the boys swimming and then for snow cones.  

Do y'all see a pattern here?? 
Either my kids are super short or they attract tall friends... or a little of both.  
Samuel is exactly 2 months older than Jace and Andrew is less than a month older than Dane.  

We have a lot of new restaurants and establishments in our area that opened up this summer.  Yogurtland was having an opening special where you could fill a cup as much as you could for $3! So, we took the kids after another swim day and let Dane fill one up with anything he wanted.  He might have went overboard, but it was fun and he was kind to share with his brother.  Next door is Wing Stop that just opened as well, and was having an opening special that gave 10 free wings with any wing order, so while the boys enjoyed their yogurt Kevin and I ate wings! Yummy!

 Gotta love little brothers annoying you with a balloon while you try and enjoy your yogurt.  

Heading to church with all the essentials...
sunglasses, a mail truck, couple cars, and a...
fidget spinner.  I'm almost positive that Dane didn't know that he had the spinner.  Haha

Solar Eclipse Day!! 
I was a bad parent who didn't buy the glasses ahead of time.  Womp Womp.  So, we watched the news that day and we made a viewing box out of a cereal box.  We attempted to look at it, but if I'm being honest it was a bit anticlimactic for us. It was like looking at a tiny finger nail through the box. My neighbor saw us out attempting to see it through the box and came over with his welding hood and let us all take a look.  Definitely a lot better through that than the cereal box! Dane thought it was neat, so that is really all that matters.  I think he enjoyed watching the news about it more than actually seeing it.  
 I don't think Jace had a clue what he was looking at, he just wanted to look since Dane was doing it. And yes... he's basically naked.  

Another trip to Orange...tired little guy refused to take a nap on the way there so was exhausted by the time 5:00 hit.  
 Sadie is never too far from us when we are in town.  

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