Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ault Strong

Dane's school had some fun things planned for the students during the two weeks that school was closed due to the hurricane and several ways to help other schools and families in our district. Luckily our area and where Dane's school is located all sits on high elevation, so we didn't have any school families that was flooded due to the storm.  But, several schools in the district had damage along with hundreds of Cy-fair families.  Ault had a Family Recess night one evening to get the kids out of the house, and to collect food, water and cleaning supplies.  They also had a day that they teamed up with the junior high near us and collected gift cards for people in need.  Our school adopted a damaged elementary and we were given a list of families in that school that needed help. So Ault families were given a family to adopt and a list of things that they needed.  The school was able to help so many families, it was just incredible. Ault also collected books that could be donated for damaged school libraries. 
 Every evening a different staff member would have a live story time online on Ault's fb page that was fun, and the PE coaches set up a basketball tournament that the kids could participate in as well.  There was a $10 entry fee and all money that was raised was donated.  I've always thought Dane's school was great, but I really saw how great they were during the recovery weeks of the hurricane.  So many people came together to help out those in need.  

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