Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Day for 4th and Meet the teacher/ First Day for 3s

 Sept 11, 2017 was the first day of 4th grade! Isn't that crazy?!?! I had felt prepared for a month, and then all the hurricane drama happened and I felt like a hot mess by the time school actually started! Dane had a great first day.  We were all ready to get back into a routine, and he was ready to see his friends at school. Jace anxiously waited for the bus to come down our street and was very excited when he got home that day.  

Jace had meet the teacher that evening.  He was SOOO excited that he got to go his school, and did not understand that we would only be there to meet his teachers and not get to stay to play.  So, he had to be dragged out screaming and kicking when we left.  Poor baby wanted to stay at school so bad.  Meet the teacher was just a tease after 15 weeks of summer! 
Jace has Mrs Donna and Mrs Kim, who we had heard were both wonderful and sweet.  We were super excited to see 4 of his friends from his 2s class in his class for this year including his bestie Samuel.  
It's going to be another great year in Mother's Day Out! 

Seriously I know I'm biased but how adorable is he?!?! How can you say no to that face?!?!? Trust me it's super hard.  

 Jace was beyond ready for the first day.  He acted like a pro and just walked in.  He had such a great day, he was worn out when he got home and fell asleep pretty soon after. 

The first week we had to bring them in to get them used to the routine.  Then started car line, and let me just tell you that the first day went horrible.  Jace was all smiles until the random teacher opened up our door and started unbuckling him from his seat.  Even though I tried to explain what was going to happen I think he was oblivious and then felt like a stranger was kidnapping him.  It was awful.  He grabbed a hold of the head rest and had a death grip on it while the teacher tried to pull him out of the car.  He was screaming bloody murder and crying for me.  I was in a line with cars before and after me, so I couldn't just park and take him in.  Oh man, I felt terrible and drove away and had my own tears.  It hurt me that he was so scared and was probably thinking I was letting a stranger take him.  But, once he got to his room his teacher said he got happy again.  I was nervous to try it again, but decided I would try one more time.  Thankfully, he understood and got out with no problems the next day.  
Here's a picture of him before while he was all happy in the line.  

A great 2nd day in the car rider line!

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