Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct Misc

Dane is still loving golf.  He enjoys the lessons, and the monthly tournaments that he participates in.  

Not sure where we were here, but how cute is this little guy.  

This sweet boy... super cute and happy even when he flies off the couch and gets hurt. 

Our backyard is filled with kids around the neighborhood a lot of days.  Nerf wars, capture the flag and different tag games happen all the time in our neighborhood.  

We celebrated our friend Bryson's bday at a gymnastic place in Katy.  Jace had such a blast!

Grandpa came for a couple days and hung out.  

On Thursdays Jace has speech class at Dane's school first thing in the mornings.  We usually get there right as Dane is getting off the bus.  Sometimes he will ride with us to school, but he prefers riding the bus with his friends.  This particular day he was embarrassed that we were standing there and so he took off running acting like he didn't know us.  Sigh Already starting in 4th grade.  

Jace loves to hide when Dane gets home from school.  He will hide in the same spot everyday...under Kevin's desk.  He thinks it's hilarious when Dane comes in and has a "hard" time finding him.  Dane is a good sport. 

We celebrated Kevin's 42nd birthday with a cookie cake, dinner at PF Changs and doing an escape room.  We sadly did not get out in time, way harder than we thought it would be but it was such a fun date! Next time I think we will be better at it.  Kevin was craving scallops from PF Changs, and sadly they had taken them off the menu.  He was soooooo disappointed, but settled for some sushi and other things he likes.  The big part of his birthday weekend was that he got to go to the World Series with one of his high school buddies one of the nights the Astros played in Houston. His friend's family gets season tickets and were able to get world series tickets. Sadly, it was one of the games that they loss, but they had amazing seats and he said it was still a ton of fun being there.

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