Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Fun

Jace and I met some friends from church one morning at Bounce Bounce to get out some energy.  Fun times were had by all the boys and us moms got to chit chat and catch up while they ran around.  

Dane participated in another golf tournament.  The tournaments don't allow the players to ride in golf carts, but they are able to use these push caddies for the 9 holes.  


Jace's preschool had There's a Wocket in my Pocket day during Dr Seuss week.  They were to wear pockets and bring something for show and tell that would fit in their pocket.  So cute! He chose a couple of his animals, because of course he did.  He is obsessed with these little animal figures.  

It doesn't happen very often, but we had grandparents in town and so we were able to sneak away for a date night.  We went to a cute wine bar in Tomball for some tastings and dinner.  I had a flight of white wines, and Kevin had a mixture of red and whites.  It was nice to get away for the evening without kids!


Hooray Indoor Playground is a new fun place in Katy that I have been wanting to check out.  I saw that CatBoy from the show PJ Masks was going to be there and I just knew that Jace would be over the moon to meet him.  It was absolutely precious how Jace's face lit up when he saw him.  He was waving from a distance and was so happy to see him.  We actually stood in line twice to have a turn with him because Jace was just too cute and happy about wanting to talk to him.  After we got all the hugs and high fives to fill up our love tank Jace played for a couple hours.  Super fun and clean place! We will be back!


Batman makes an appearance quite often these days.  Dane used to love to dress up in costumes and I was wondering if Jace would go through that phase because he hadn't up to this point.  But, lately he has gotten into this costume.  

You know you had a busy day at preschool if you can fall asleep while playing standing up.  Poor little guy,  

Dane and I had a little date to see the movie Jumanji.  We loved it! Kevin Hart is absolutely hilarious in it.  
I had to do some volunteer work at Dane's school one day and was up there during his lunch so I ran into the cafeteria to say hello.  He tried to act all embarrassed but that quickly went away when I pulled out a fun treat I had gotten from the teacher lounge.  :)

We finally got new furniture! All the praise hands.  Love it!

We loved watching the winter Olympics, and were really excited to hear that a former Ault All Star, Sam McGuffie was competing in the bobsled events.  Dane's school made a big deal of it by having everyone wear USA colors, created videos of students cheering him on, teachers showed recorded clips of him bobsledding etc.  It was super fun.  I took this picture of Dane and tagged Sam on instagram and he actually responded back!!! It made Dane's day!! He actually responded to several of his tags from students and our school on twitter and instagram.  Really cool that he took the time to do that, it made the Olympics super fun to watch and the kids were so excited to cheer him on.  

 Jace wore his USA shirt too!

 I spy with my little eye someone exhausted after a day at school.  He won't nap anymore, but will occasionally crash while watching tv usually when it's too late to be napping.  Sigh. 

Rodeo Week/ Pony Ride Day
How cute does he look in these boots that Dane wore years ago?!?  He wanted to wear them so bad to school on the day he was going to ride the "tiny horse".  But, they were way to big.  He couldn't walk in them without falling over.  

His school did rodeo activities all week and he had the best time.  His teacher sent me these pictures of him playing with the cowboy dress up clothes and playing with the stuffed horse.  

Jace loves going to Dane's school for his speech class. His teacher is the best and makes the class so much fun.  She had an Olympic theme week where they participated in speech events.  I love that she is so creative and loves on my little man so much.  

Jace sits on this bench and waits and watches for Mrs Morrison to come get him for speech.  

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