Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What's been happening

On Mondays we see some of our soccer friends at school during pickup time.  They attend MTTH and we are there MWF.  Jace is always happy to see his new buds.  

Dane's school has spirit nights at local restaurants around town to raise money for the school.  This year they have added a few of our favorites including Mod Pizza and Gringos.  We don't go to all, but this one was a for sure thing because Dane loves their pizzas.  It was a packed house when we arrived, which means a lot of money for the school.  

I'm not sure how long it will last, but Dane still enjoys when I have lunch with him at school.  I went on a Friday when Jace was in school so it would be all about Dane for once.  Can't believe this kid is in 5th grade.  Just craziness. 

Jace being his silly stinker self. 

Batman showed up bright and early one Saturday morning, 6 AM to be exact.  Sigh.  I always have envy when my friends talk about their kids sleeping in.  Neither of mine have ever thought sleeping was a priority.  Both early risers all the time.  

"Mom, take my picture by those pumpkins"

Jace's doggie was ready for his big debut in the pet parade.  He's been flipped out of his box a few times already by his crazy driver.  Jace decorated his box all by himself, and was so proud of it.  

Jace and Julian after school one day.  Such sweet friends.  

5th Grade Fall Picture.  

Dane was jealous that Jace was going to get donuts at his school that morning so talked me into getting him donuts on the way to school.  I obliged because he has been so helpful lately. 

Donuts with Dad was a huge hit.  Jace looked forward to his dad going to the donut party for weeks.  Kevin took off from work that morning and took Jace to school.  The kids served the dads the donuts and juice, had made a few pictures for them, answered a survey that was real cute and sang a song for them.  Jace was beaming and was so excited to show his teachers who his dad was.  Very cute. 

Jace's speech teacher sent me this picture from last week.  She is the best, she plays fun games each week while helping with their words.  Jace always loves going.  But, his teacher is afraid that he may be graduating from the program very soon.  He has excelled in all of his goals and she believes is completely caught up.  Bitter sweet.  We just love her and Jace loves the program, but obviously we are thrilled that his speech has exploded.  

 We met a couple friends at the movie theater to see Small Foot.  Very cute movie.  Dane was there too, but was in his "I'm too old for pictures" mood.  

Dane's school just wrapped up their big fundraiser for the year.  They raised $46,000 that will go towards new playground equipment.  Dane's class was the top 5th grade class so won a few different rewards including electronic day.  The kids were allowed to bring electronics to play on for a part of the day.  Right up Dane's alley.  A PTO board member went to all the winning rooms and took pictures for the facebook page.  

We met up with Jace's besties after school for a cookie treat.  These four boys plus 2 girls who couldn't make it were in the same class their first two years at Little Lambs.  But, unfortunately all got split up this year.  They are all having a good year, but they definitely miss each other in their classes.  Jace doesn't understand why his friends aren't in his class this year.  We were going to take them to a park after pickup, but it was raining yet again.  Do we live in Seattle? Feels like it lately.  

Then the next day our soccer team went for snowcones after school to celebrate Colton's birthday.  Jace had a "sweet" week, literally.  
Dane is loving Matt Swanson's school of golf that we started this fall.  He goes twice a week and then still doing once a week with First Tee.  It was pretty chilly this day because the sun wasn't out.  I had to pull out the beanies for the boys to wear.  

Back again, but this time Dane refused to look at the camera because "you'll post on your Mom things".  This is what 5th grade looks like.  HAHA!!!!!! Hilarious. 

Making sure this workout machine gets used some.  :) Simple things makes this kid so happy.  

Halloween Fun at Target while looking for costumes.  

Jace is loving soccer. He still has his moments that he gets frustrated or sensitive if he can't get the ball or if it's stolen but he is really liking it so far.  The practices are his favorite because he loves doing all the drills and games that the coaches make up to teach skills.  It's getting close to the end of the season which makes me really sad because he has really enjoyed playing.  

 There is a playground close to the fields, so the boys get rewarded with some play time if they practice well.  

More Soccer game madness

 He shoots! He scores! 

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